Hacking as an information technology based term could mean the process through which a skilled programmer by passes a set down system, process and procedures in other to gain access into restricted well of information. With this said, hacking as a term has been around for decades and was one form of computerized skill that was first used within the military spectrum for the sole purpose of infiltrating an enemies data base in other to ensure that vital communications, information’s,  military strategies and data’s are captured away. But with this in mind, today the bulk of hacking is mostly done by civilian and the most funny and over whelming fact is this - Hacking as a term is currently been executed by underage adults mostly ages 8 – 17 years.

The question now remains, how could hacking as an information technology skill be practice in a more safe environment without infiltrating into the privacy of anyone without their legal permission, how as a private individual – you could avoid hacker attack and how we could develop our skills and competence in this specialized information technology field. To find out more, kindly sit back, inhale, exhale and put in an undivided attention to the information which will be unveiled within the lines of the well research write up


Basically, hacking is in two forms which are known world over as Ethical hacking or Non Ethical Hacking. To most persons, the later could be referred to as Crackers.

Ethical Hackers they solve security and privacy related issues via test running the level of security of a set down application, program, web platform, web server, database etc.

In doing this, they simply hack into this platforms in other to recommend their findings and clearly inform the authorities of the loop holes so noticed in other for the relevant authorities to tighten the security on these computer based platform of theirs.

It is wise to note that in a case of ethical hacking project, their must be a signed documentation to that regards in other for the ethical hacker to commence his fact finding mission.

While the later which is known as non ethical hacker/crackers - are persons that breaks into a network solely for nefarious activities and without due approval from the relevant authorities.

This singular act is term cyber crime and it is punishable by law.

Protection from Hackers:

Due to the limitation I have with reference to time, I will be stating down some simple steps in which you could imbibe in your quest to stay ahead of hackers attack.

First, have a secured password which must be changed regularly. Your password should include numbers, symbols, signs and alphabets. Your passwords should never have any resemblance with your name, date of birth etc.

Second, constantly surf the internet in a protected mode, by this I mean, your system should be protected with antivirus, anti spy wares etc.

Thirdly, avoid viewing emails from unknown sources.

Starting point to learning Hacking:

Hacking like any other Information Technology based skills has it’s own rudiments and to become an ethical hacker, you could start your journey by learning simple programming languages like pythons, C++, HTML, Perl, LISP, Java, Django, CakePHP,  RubyOnRails Etc.

Take action today in other to secure your self.