DNN has gained popularity among users and developers in very short time. Majorly this fame of DotNetNuke is because of the simplicity and flexibility it offers to the web development. DNN makes sure that even layman can add functionalities and rebuild the design without technical experience in the field. All websites developed and designed on DotNetNukeis a proof that skins, feel, overall appearance and design can be changed or revamped anytime. 

Mobile modules of DNN

DotNetNuke paid attention to advancement in technology and offers up to date features and functionalities to the users. DNN mobile modules are the best example of exceptional innovative feature that DotNetNuke is offering. Various mobile modules perform different and particular functions that made them useful and reliable. Every module has specific characteristic and features that makes it impressive. Here are some examples of mobile modules and the features they offer to users.

Lightbox Gallery

UsingLightBox script this module offers to create photo gallery and load them in a flick of an eye on mobile and handheld devices. On mobile devices, it offers amazing responsive themes and support. It detects mobile devices on computer systems and display excellent quality images in no time. 

DNN smart mobile 2.00

Specially designed for mobile usage, it allows displaying content and web pages on mobile devices with a feature to call other DNN modules as well. Add, delete, renumber, and reorder your web pages with ease. Third party modules and functions can be added and called in this mobile module of DNN. 

DNN smart mobile Redirect

Exclusively facilitating the mobile device users as this module help in setting the page, set the container and change the skin and feel of the web page when accessed on mobile devices.Moreover, one can configure modules and features using mobile devices using this module. If developer wants to hide some page or portion of web page not to appear on mobile devices then this module is the solution of all your issues. 

DNN gallery function 1.0.4

This module is an extension of Mobile DNN module.  Bulk uploading of images and quick viewing of photos galleries is possible and convenient on mobiles when developers use this module. Through this module, mobile users can swipe the images, enlarge it and save it in their mobile devices. 

Cross video gallery

This mobile module enables multi user to add or publish videos, images and texts. Developers really appreciate this module of DNN. It makes mobile websites more easy and convenient. It has flash player that supports audio and video to play on mobile devices. 

Salaro mobile redirector

Allowsto design web pages exclusively to work well on iPhone and iPads. The web pages are configured, images and content fits well on mobile screen. 

There are many other mobile modules available with exciting and improved features to make mobile devices exciting and convenient to use. No doubt, DNN makes everything so easy and simple that even with latest technologies one can enjoy the fun of learning and creating new things.