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Introducing DotNetNuke 7.1 with Evoq content

The daily activities of mankind have indeed evolved a great deal. This fact could be felt in the ever change business environment of today. To out shine competitors and better position yourself, ideas, product/service and concept to a global audience, then you need to deploy the best info tech solution that will indeed make your dreams come through. With this in mind, I will love to introduce this amazing IT based solution which is called DOTNETNUKE. 

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Detailed and practical ways to install DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is indeed the one and only open source content management system that is very easy to use. DotNetNuke is a patent product of DNN corps, which has been revised severally since 2012. Most often, developers and software engineer love to deploy DotNetNuke but their lack of adequate knowledge in the installation process of this CMS has indeed created a great barrier in the usage of this open source CMS. The process of deploying DotNetNuke simply means the DotNetNuke installation. It has been observed thatmost web host has preinstalled DotNetNuke in their C Panel. But to properly channel your thought, this article is geared towards all those who would love to work with DotNetNuke on their working machines privately without accessing the internet.

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DNN, the one stop platform for virtual socialization

Having been around the corner for a number of years, mankind has indeed sort to breach the gap between himself and fellow mankind irrespective of the situation. This quest for better communication and better information sharing process and methodology has indeed foster numerous research, inventions, re-invented and adventures. For the Information and communication expert, researchers and the larger group of web based IT freaks comprising IT community, IT forum etc. they have been able to proffer solution to this need of man. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.

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DOTNETNUKE will aid in Web Based Communication

The advent of a computer system has indeed gone a long way in other to ensure that all the process and procedures of mankind is indeed made simple. At the peak of this problem solving techniques that a computer systems has indeed been licensed to provide, include the fact that a computer system has indeed simplified the process of communication by ensuring that all the processes involve in communication flows smoothly. One invention that has ensure a smooth flow of communicate is what is known globally as DotNetNuke which is also known with the acronym of DNN. It is wise to note that DotNetNuke has been in existence for a good number of years. 

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Why you should have DotNetNuke integrated Platform

Life endeavor of mankind is indeed demystified with the advent of the computer which has indeed metamorphoses into the internet. It has further experience an ever increasing and timely process of innovation which has brought a large spectrum to the process of communication as well as web based task completion process. Topping the application list with regards to communication as the center point is what is known and referred to globally as DOTNETNUKE. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.

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DNN platform is considered to be better for skin design, module development or web hosting, including setting components which make it easier to run website. Virtualization has matured over the recent past and now hostersare beginning to shift their accounts from dedicated to virtual servers. And with the advent of cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, some of them are even doing away with owning a server.

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DNN vs WordPress: A Comparison

Choosing the right Content Management Systems (CMS) for a business’s project management seems difficult considering wide availability of open source packages available at present. Providing a comprehensive overview of two most popular products, namely DotNetNuke (DNN) and WordPress, would enable readers to make an informed decision about choosing the right one.

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History of DotNetNuke- where it began

DotNetNuke (DNN) began its journey as IBuyspy, which was an open source content management system coded by Shaun Walker, a guy working for Perpetual Motion in Canada.  Initially, Shaun had been involved in writing an open source product that gave beginners ability to manage their websites. He also provided a platform for developers who were using Microsoft as their development platform, the ability to develop IBuyspy further. This product was the preferred choice for the asp.net website, which is a Microsoft resource centre for any person working in the Microsoft .NET framework.  

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Prepare lightning fast Websites with DNN

Gone are the days when teachers used to teach on black boards with chalk in one hand and a notebook in other hand. Those times are hard to find when people used to manually visit the showrooms for purchasing household good. Thanks to huge revolution in the Information & Technology sector which has changed the way of our lives a lot. One of the amazing invention of IT is “Website” which has   provided so many facilities to the people of all most all age groups whether he is young or old. Now no one has to wait to get the tickets of trains, movies, amusement parks etc. From paying bills to watching online movies, everything is now available via websites. This all has become possible by the changing Web technology and changing trends in its development methods. People have become so commonly used to, that there expectations have been increased from the previous times.

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DotNetNuke: An Exclusive range of Skin designing & development

There are various web development platforms available in the market. There has been a great change in the design, structure, interactivity and appearance of the websites from the past 10 years. This has become possible with the introduction of different platforms for web development like DotNetNuke as they provide very good services for the development of various web applications. The proposed article will provide information regarding various features and advantages of DotNetNuke platform.   

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All about IT and Website

IT and Website, is indeed one term that is invoke as we speak. Even a new born baby is familiar with these terminologies and it is quite appalling yet interesting. The boom of the internet, computer, computer facilities, Computer innovations, solutions, peripherals, and even computer technologies are rapidly changing and every day a better version of the previous forms of every sector of the IT industries are been produced. IT as it is known globally is indeed the acronym for Information Technology. Under these terminologies, the internet is also there and predominately, the website plays a major role in the Information Technology advancement. To find out more about the Information Technology sector and how to tap into the unamountable resources that are abound in this sector, then you must seat aback, take a deep breath and smile while you read further. 

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Do you need a Website?

The world is a global village in that the world and the large amount of land mass that separate each and every one irrespective of your currently location is so small that in the twinkle of an eye, various forms of information’s and data can be transmitted to a large number of persons. As an individual, you are uniquely created and as unique as you are, you also stand a chance of also selling yourself to the bulk of the world population via using various online web platforms. Some of these platforms is quite easy to understand while others require you to request the need of season professionals and experts in the building, maintenance and steady follow up as regards consultation sections of the current trend in these platforms.

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Why you need IT Knowledge

In the 21st century, most persons still find it appalling to boast of their knowledge and competency when issues of IT come up unexpectedly. In fact, to them it is quite ok to always have one IT expert’s number or the other IT experts number who would be responding in other to rectify any problem that source in the cause of them using these IT machines, software’s, Programs and lots more. In fact a research conducted in 2011, shows that in all office all over the globe 99.5% use one form of IT equipment or the other in their daily job routine and this figure has drastically improved in 2012 as it is currently 100.5% corporations make use of High tech IT equipment in their day to day Office routine. If you are wondering what IT is and why you do need such knowledge at a time like this, then you need not go anywhere, just seat back, take in a deep breath, exhale and read further. 

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Home based business

Economy down turn, unemployment high, Inflation, market crumbling, debt ratio increment, No Job, Government Policies not friendly, high Tax rate, problem… Problem... Problem. All this and more are what is flooding our headlines on a daily bases and with the rate of all this, crime rate has also increase as the source of maintenance for human existence isn’t enough for our country and the world economy to cater for the ever increasing number of the world population and our countries populations. Indeed, if you are wondering the only way out of these entire calamities as I may rightly put it, you then need to for once consider no other option but to start your own Home based business. A home business is indeed easy to start, easy to run, free from issues of taxations, Rentages, government intrusion and lots more. To find out how to start, run and gain in Hugh profits from this form of income generating business, then you need to seat back, relax, and read further. 

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Pay Attention to your browser compatibility

A web browser is a translation device. It takes a document written in the HTML language.  After that, translates it into a formatted web page. The result of this translation is a little like giving two human translators a sentence written in French and asking them to translate it into English. Both will get the meaning across.  However, it may not use the same words to do so. 

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All web owners want the fastest surfing speeds and clear flow of traffic into their sites. They have resulted to numerous methods of capturing the search engines by counting ‘keywords’ that must be repeated a certain number of times in the article and other funny methods. You may have a surprise to realize that with the Dot Net Nuke (DNN) standards which naturally embrace search engines and cause traffic to flow towards them in a natural way! This may sound like a joke, but you saw this title and are looking for the reasons. Follow along to find them. 

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Loading Speed on Websites Put to a Test

Too tired of waiting? While more and more people are getting access to high speed internet, you will notice that there are still a few left on dial up. Be sensitive to those people. Think and apply simple things to speed up your web sites. Not only will these arrangements give you a faster load time, but most will also help organize your bandwidth fees low as well.  

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Nothing fails with having a Quality and Excellent Web Site

A website is a collection of related pages, images, videos, music or other digital information that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL). A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via an internet. 

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Password Secure Plus

To protect your data, personal or business information, your computer and your online accounts, having a strong password is your first line of defense.  You must have a protection first before thinking of a cure in case you’ll experience damage.   

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What to look for in a DVD Burner freeware

When it comes to burning excellent DVD Video discs, one has to be keen to consider a very flexible application with advanced features that are lacking in other tools.  It has to support all the latest drives without the need for updates.  Not to mention, advanced users will appreciate just how configurable it is.  It must also be an image queue system that allows you to burn several images.   

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