Gone are the days when teachers used to teach on black boards with chalk in one hand and a notebook in other hand. Those times are hard to find when people used to manually visit the showrooms for purchasing household good. Thanks to huge revolution in the Information & Technology sector which has changed the way of our lives a lot. One of the amazing invention of IT is “Website” which has   provided so many facilities to the people of all most all age groups whether he is young or old. Now no one has to wait to get the tickets of trains, movies, amusement parks etc. From paying bills to watching online movies, everything is now available via websites. This all has become possible by the changing Web technology and changing trends in its development methods. People have become so commonly used to, that there expectations have been increased from the previous times.

This article targets on one of the finest open source technology being used by the developers these days in order to produce prompt, speedy and more user friendly websites. The name of such technology is DNN. The abbreviation DNN basically stands for DotNetNuke. It is an open source technology in which the dynamic as well as static websites can be created by using the Microsoft Dot Net Technology. The reason why this technology is called as the finest technology is that DNN provides a highly user friendly platform to the developers to create the websites. Approximately seventy thousands of websites have been created using DNN. This prodigious number supports the fact that how much importance the current developers are giving to this latest technology.

If we see from the developers point of view, they stress highly on using DNN because the framework is quite easy to handle and operate as compared to the other frameworks available in the market. The ease with which the front end of a website gets connected to the back end is very much important for a website to work faster and efficiently. This way DNN saves the precious time of the web developers from unnecessary waiting for the websites to respond on the local host. More fast the framework obviously means more faster the website will work.

This was all about DNN from the developers side, but if we talk about the end users of DNN even they are very much satisfied by this technology. Those users which are not having any knowledge about the programming languages, even they can easily modify the websites by using the automatic tool provided by the DNN framework. End users can also have a faster connectivity with the databases by the inbuilt functionalities provided by it. DNN consists of several such modules which can be directly used in the websites without having much knowledge about the coding part and the programming language involved. Hence it is highly advisable that DNN should be used to maximum extent in order to prepare faster and reliable websites.