Skinning with DotNetNuke is innovative, creative and exciting. It offers off the shelf and out of the box designs and scintillating features for website development. The environment of developing and creating interactive and unique websites is more fun with DNN. 

No need of programming skills

Unlike other web development environments, DotNetNuke does not need you to be a proficient web programmer. Even if you are a layman or unskilled in programming languages, you can still create a unique website and add 3rd party exciting functionalities. With few clicks you can add important features such as blogs, contact form, forums, and discussion threads and much more for small fee. The result will be a complete professional looking and smooth navigational website. 

Low maintenance and licensing cost

When developing skins with DNN, your cost for licensing, management and maintenance is reduced. For conventional website, CMS usually costs more than $40,000. In contrast, DotNetNuke community edition gives you various functionalities and services for no or very low cost. The professional edition of DotNetNuke gives more innovative and additional features for just $2000 per year. WithDotNetNuke, you don’t need technical experts to understand and regulate the intricate CMS of your system. You can easily change the skin design, color or entire feel with just few clicks with no professional or technical expertise in the programming field. The cost of revamping and redesigning your website is saved as now DotNetNuke offers you to do it by yourself. 

Advantages of skinning with DotNetNuke

DNN skins allow you to customize and create your own brand’s image with your web site design. There are numerous benefits of skinning with DNN like:

Update the look of your website without changing the underlying infrastructure and content of the website.
Time to market is reduced when content and design are simultaneously prepared and implemented.
Building blocks of DNN are functional and readily usable.
3rd party functional modules and readily available DNN modules offer features and functionalities with technicalities.
E-commerce system can easily and cost effectively be managed and implemented without incurring additional cost on such functionalities and expanding of website. 
DotNetNuke also offer social networking abilities and news systems for websites as these are attractive and up to date features.
Speedy performance of your website is insured that takes less time and bandwidth in today’s world.
When skins are developed or revamped with DotNetNuke, it will be tested in compliance with prevailing W3C XHTML and CSS standards.
More than 700,000 websites are relying on DotNetNuke’s designs and are happily using it for their business’s virtual presence. 
It is widely adopted content management system based on .NET framework and is continuously including new and exciting features to keep up with the changing pace of technology and advancement.
DNN offers easy, simple and quick development and smooth transition from one skin design to another without incurring major changes to the website. People love DotNetNuke for its smoothness and easy to tackle feature. 

DNN is impeccable in changing the concept of web site development and designs in the world of technology.