The world is a global village in that the world and the large amount of land mass that separate each and every one irrespective of your currently location is so small that in the twinkle of an eye, various forms of information’s and data can be transmitted to a large number of persons. As an individual, you are uniquely created and as unique as you are, you also stand a chance of also selling yourself to the bulk of the world population via using various online web platforms. Some of these platforms is quite easy to understand while others require you to request the need of season professionals and experts in the building, maintenance and steady follow up as regards consultation sections of the current trend in these platforms.

Almost every day, it is estimated that about a quarter more than 10,000 websites is been hosted every 5 minutes. While for the aspect of web design, for every 4 minutes, an approximate estimation of more than 20,000 website templates, designs are also done either using a remote computer, personal computer, or PDAs. As the world goes global, indeed the need for each and every individual, business, cooperation and larger firms to be fully represented on the World Wide Web has become a necessity and in doing this, indeed they are bound to have a hugh publicity for their various product and services in which the offer. In fact, it is also of key important that private individuals also have a website because it will help expose them to a variety of network of persons all around the globe. If you are still wondering what a Website is, then relax as will be taking you through the various functions of a website, what it means and how to own a website. In other to create a better understanding on your art and to explain the technicalities involve in a website, I will be using every day terms in other for you to have a firm grip of the knowledge that I will be sharing herein.

A website is known to be like a virtual platform that is assign to each and every one on the World Wide Web. And it is normally meant to be allocated to each individual a certain name which is mostly within certain computer terms which is known to be called a DOMAIN NAME. A domain must always start with (http://) and based on the country, it may end with the countries initials as recognized as assigned by domain authorities. E.g, USA = .us, NIGERIA = .ng, ITALY = .it. Etc.

Finally, owning a website is quite simple as there are numerous platform through which you can own a website like on free hosting platforms like,, etc. In fact, for you to own a dynamic website that will have advance functionalities of your desired website, then you must hire the services of a professional website designer. To get a website design, kindly make a search on the internet for “freelance website designer”.