Any organization has the choice to get success through the globalization of their business because this world is getting diverse so rapidly. Due to the fast competition in the online business world and fluctuation in the businesses there is a great need to have a responsive website created in DotNetNuke.  Thus, a responsive website for the success of any online business is no more a luxury, but it’s a necessity. All the organizations should have to make this marketing tool a priority.

A non-responsive website influences the viewership of your website which greatly diminishes the prospects of development of your online business. There were many famous websites that become the part of the history now. Many websites came with the bang having animations and flash intros, but had vanished from the eyes of the users very quickly. These animations and flash intros keep the people away from your actual business website and in this way it affects your online business and people are not willing to become the part of your business. 

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that uses the design according to the device on which it is viewed but always performs the same. Any responsive website ensures that it has simple navigations and text can be easily read.  A responsive website should have to change it according to the medium it is viewed on whether it is a desktop, a smart phone or a tablet, like the one created in DotNetNuke. The website must provide the same functionality and easy to render on all channels. 

Why there is a need for the responsive website?

There are the following factors that one must keep in mind.

1. Time is money:

People always consider time is money so they always opt for the websites which are quick and easy to approach.

2. Popularity and use of hand held device:

There is an imminent increase in the popularity and use of handheld devices. Now the people are browsing the websites from their small devices.

3. User experience:

The website must be user friendly and easy to navigate so that it makes the user experience fantastic. The content must easy to read and discover on the website. 

What is the importance of a responsive website? 

A responsive website has the following benefits.

The website can cover many devices which ultimately cover more potential business users.
There is no need to develop different websites for different mediums. You just have to develop a single website for your online business.
You just have to follow single SEO strategy for your online business website.
The modifications can be done only at a single point and can be viewed from all mediums.

The future is of mobile devices because more people will be using it in the future. One must have to change their website to make it a mobile friendly website. It is really a silly decision if you would not go with the responsive websites like the ones created using DotNetNuke.