You may be having a daunting task trying to get your DotNetNuke site listed on the first page of search engines. You probably don’t have an idea of how you are going to do this. There are certain SEO tips if followed right will help your website climb steadily up to the top of search engines so as to attract the required traffic that will sell products and services. But first thing you should understand is search engine ranking of your website will not improve overnight. Don’t be cheated with someone claiming to be a Search Engine Optimization Expert that he will get your site ranked first page within a few months. Even if he does so, he/she will have optimized your site using a keyword that is either not significant or doesn’t attract any real traffic that sells your products and services. Let us look at the real SEO tips for getting your site rank top in search engines.

The real deal in getting a DNN site rank top in SEO sites is to optimize the site using keywords or phrases that people actually use when searching for products or services related to your site. For example, a DNN website selling vitamins and wants to improve its ranking would be optimized using phrases such as ‘buy vitamins or ‘buy vitamins online’. To optimize your site for your chosen keywords, you can hire a consultant who has experience optimizing websites or use SEO software which will show you how to change your site HTML code so that it becomes properly optimized. You can also include a decent amount of free content on your website relating to the keywords or phrases for which you will be ranked higher.

 Increasing your DNN website link popularity is among SEO tips that will make your site rank top in search engines. The more number of websites that link to your site, the higher your rank becomes. Increasing link popularity means submitting your website to link exchange directories so as to swap links with other websites. These websites will link to your site if you agree to link to them. Another tip is to write articles and submit them to article submission directories. At the bottom of the each article, include a link to your website. These articles will be put into circulation and published in other websites. This increases chances of your website ranking top.

These SEO tips or strategies outlined here if employed well should improve your DNN site search engine ranking while at the same time garner the kind of traffic that buys your products and services.