In today’s era of social websites, it becomes easier for us to interact with others in a better way. These social websites not only brings the people closer, but also benefits the organizations to amplify their businesses. It gives us the opportunity to connect with more and more people who share similar interests. Thus, we cannot deny the power of social websites that has evolved so much in our lives. 

What is a social website?

A social website is a forum where people communicate and exchange information on the same interests and activities. It allows you to create your own profile, publish contents or significant information, build social relationships, allows joining groups and interacts with others on forums and chat rooms. Examples of famous social websites are face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Some people interact with social networking websites while some people have their own social website related to their work to tie their community directly to their website. Dot net Nuke being the largest platform of developing websites, now also supports to build social websites for better interaction.


How to build social website using DNN?

DNN provides all the powerful website building tools that are required for developing any social website. Those tools covered all the features including

Activity streams: It records all the activities of a specific person on a website.
Public profiles: It allows form the user profile that records the significant information about a person which he chooses to display publicly like his name, gender, city, etc. 
Social relationships: These are the social relations that we develop by adding them on the website.
Blogs: A blog is just like an informal journal that is updated on the regular basis.
Groups: It forms groups based on the specific criteria like gender, class, issue, etc.
Events: It is a feature to invite people on a planned occasion at a specific time and place.
Comments and likes: It 
Inbox messages: It provides a personal inbox for every person for private messages.
Chat rooms: It creates a chat room where different persons from all over the world interact with others.
Forums: A thread is created to address a question or an issue.
Data analytic: It tracks all the activities on the basis of users, date, groups, forums, etc.

Why choose DNN for social website?

DNN is the widely accepted open source content management system for building social websites. We should DNN for building a social website because of the following reasons. 

CMS: Only CMS, whose powerful features are easy to install that incorporate seamlessly on any social website.
Extensibility: It has thousands of modules and skins but you can also configure third party modules and skins.
User friendly interface: There is no need of any content administrator. It has a very friendly user interface to manage the social website.

Thus, DNN serves the best in engaging the communities through social websites to interact in a better way.