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Manage Your DotNetNuke Website to Generate Business Revenue

Generating revenue from your DotNetNuke website is a much simpler procedure than most people might think. Just add a little effort with a pinch of skill, and you’re well on your way to bringing in big bucks from your website. Now let’s look at some simple and straightforward ways to manage your DotNetNuke site to make it generate large business revenue for you and your partners.

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Security Architecture of DotNetNuke

Ever increasing functionality and constantly expanding developer support are the most vital features of an open source Content Management System. But this freedom also poses a threat to the security of the websites and confidential databases within the system.

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Mobile DotNetNuke Skins for Websites

A skinning architecture technique of DotNetNuke provides a facility which allows you to do separation between design and content. This technique of DotNetNuke mobile skins will enable the web designer to develop skins for website without requiring any specialist knowledge of development. The DotNetNuke mobile skins consist of basic HTML files with placeholders for content, other menus and some other functionality. The DotNetNuke mobile skins also provide support files such as images, style sheets and JavaScript packaged in a ZIP file. 

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Make E-Commerce Better With DotNetNuke Module

DotNetnuke is a program which is designed to be extended, so for extending there are few ways. One of the ways for extending the framework is to create modules. These modules are installed inside a DotNetnuke when you install it at first. When these modules run in DotNetnuke installation they extend the framework, and this will help to extend DotNetnuke website. The DotNetnuke website is accessed by users via a web browser. The modules that are installed and configured in the DotNetnuke installation provide the functionality that the users can perform easily. 

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DotNetNuke Use for Mobile CMS

Mobiles have become a part of life for some people there is no life without mobiles.  Now every person from almost any age group uses cell phones. DotNetNuke has been very helpful for Web Content Management System (CMS) and more new features have been added by the designers of DotNetNuke.

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Converting a DNN website to a mobile version

DotNetNuke is an excellent content management system for handling standard websites and mobile websites. With usage of smart devices excepted to surpass traditional desktop computers, focus should be on providing user with an excellent, unique and personalized experience on their devices. In context of this evolving need the latest versions of DNN offers features such as device detection and redirection.

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Choose the Right Module at the Right Time for DNN

DotNetNuke is one of the best content management system available in the market that can handle all kind of web applications. DNN is the preferred content management system of more than 750,000+ websites internationally. DNN community forms a strong support network as it has more than 1 million members globally. DNN sites are easy to build, maintain and update. DotNetNuke comes with a lot of built in functionality but its resourcefulness can be further increased by using third party modules. 

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Basics and Essentials of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to improve website’s rank. Search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl your website to check the type and quality of content present. Websites with higher rank appear at the top when you search for any related query. SEO makes your website more visible in the search engine results which mean you get more traffic through unpaid search. With little effort and small structural changes to the content on the website can improve the site ranking leaps and bounds. Here are some basics of Search Engine Optimization that will help.

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Windows Compatibility Issue Resolved with DotNetNuke

Have you heard any web developers complaining that their Content Management Systems don’t provide fully functional compatibility with older or even newer versions of Windows? Well if you are a DotNetNuke user, then count your lucky stars because Windows Compatibility just couldn’t get better than this!

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Innovative websites with DNN

With the passage of time world is getting more advance day by day, and all advancements are not possible without the invention and innovation of technology. One of the best innovation came to technology sector is DotNetnuke. DotNetnuke is one of the technology of Microsoft used  as an open source CMS. DotNetnuke is an open source software which allows its users to manage their websites without the need of much technical and information technology knowledge. Thinking from the point of view of the developer, they highly prefer using DotNetnuke because the framework is quite easy to handle and operate as compared to the other frameworks. 

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DotNetNuke's future in software industry

In this era, each day we hear about new technologies. The technology is so dynamic that one day you are using software for your business and on the other day your competitor gets a new technology and ruins your business and owns the market. Many co-operate businesses use new technological solutions to sustain their hold on market and to attract their potential buyers for higher profits for their organizations. 

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DNN vs Other Development Platforms

Multiple Content Management Systems (CMS) are available in the market but choosing the best CMS requires knowledge of how each of them performs against each other. DotNetNuke is extensively used but other management platforms such as Joomla, Umbraco, Wordpress and Drupal are also present. A comparison follows of how DNN is better to all other CMS.

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Why you need to deploy DotNetNuke today

The invention of the internet has giving rise to rapid change we experience on a daily bases. In fact it has been observed that, the internet has been able to convert over 89% of man’s activities, with this number currently increase. With the above, it is now mandatory for you to be able to have your content on the internet in other for you to better position yourself in other to attract world class investors, clients, friends, admirers and well-wishers. If you are still yet to take advantage of this golden opportunity, then I will like to introduce this amazing Open source CMS called DotNetNuke.

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Life as a DotNetNuke Developer

Life as a DotNetNuke developer is indeed one life that you will indeed enjoy. Your ability to be skilled in the successful deploying of DotNetNuke will indeed set you up for a more successful future where your skills will be sort out ford on a global perspective. In fact, it has been observed that over 750,000.000+ websites are presently running smoothly on DotNetNuke while more web platforms, C Panels and Apps stores are currently integrating DotNetNuke as a vital open source content management system within their frame work. To digress a bit, I will like us to go back in time to observe the history of how DotNetNuke has evolved and is today concurring as a leading Content Management System. 

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Learning DotNetNuke

The process of learning DotNetNuke is indeed a necessity. In fact it has been observed that most web based application, websites and web platform will soon be solely depended on DotNetNuke platform and as such, we all need to acquire at list the basic knowledge in the installation and usage of DotNetNuke. Funny enough, DotNetNuke is one of the simplest Open Sources CMS to understand and use. Its modules, plugins and database installation and configuration are indeed second to none. One thing to not is the fact thatDotNetNuke is far more secured, hackers proof and has user friendly. But, this simple truth has indeed eluded most persons mostly on a global scale. With the above in mind, I will like to say that your ability to be skilled in the usage of DotNetNuke is quite simple and you could achieve it within the shortest time frame with the lowest cost fee ever.

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Introducing DotNetNuke 7.1 with Evoq content

The daily activities of mankind have indeed evolved a great deal. This fact could be felt in the ever change business environment of today. To out shine competitors and better position yourself, ideas, product/service and concept to a global audience, then you need to deploy the best info tech solution that will indeed make your dreams come through. With this in mind, I will love to introduce this amazing IT based solution which is called DOTNETNUKE. 

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DotNetNuke - The next big business solution ever

Today’s business environment is indeed evolving, with an ever increasing rate of competitions spring forth. With the above in mind, it is now mandatory for business owners to sincerely sort out areas through which they can be better positioned in other to cope with the ever rising challenges you are bond to face as a business owner. With the above in mind, it is now mandatory for you to stay ahead of the ever changing business environment. To achieve this, you need to deploy technology based business solutions that will help you stay afloat in turbulent seasons within the business environment. 

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Detailed and practical ways to install DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is indeed the one and only open source content management system that is very easy to use. DotNetNuke is a patent product of DNN corps, which has been revised severally since 2012. Most often, developers and software engineer love to deploy DotNetNuke but their lack of adequate knowledge in the installation process of this CMS has indeed created a great barrier in the usage of this open source CMS. The process of deploying DotNetNuke simply means the DotNetNuke installation. It has been observed thatmost web host has preinstalled DotNetNuke in their C Panel. But to properly channel your thought, this article is geared towards all those who would love to work with DotNetNuke on their working machines privately without accessing the internet.

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DNN, the one stop platform for virtual socialization

Having been around the corner for a number of years, mankind has indeed sort to breach the gap between himself and fellow mankind irrespective of the situation. This quest for better communication and better information sharing process and methodology has indeed foster numerous research, inventions, re-invented and adventures. For the Information and communication expert, researchers and the larger group of web based IT freaks comprising IT community, IT forum etc. they have been able to proffer solution to this need of man. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.

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DOTNETNUKE will aid in Web Based Communication

The advent of a computer system has indeed gone a long way in other to ensure that all the process and procedures of mankind is indeed made simple. At the peak of this problem solving techniques that a computer systems has indeed been licensed to provide, include the fact that a computer system has indeed simplified the process of communication by ensuring that all the processes involve in communication flows smoothly. One invention that has ensure a smooth flow of communicate is what is known globally as DotNetNuke which is also known with the acronym of DNN. It is wise to note that DotNetNuke has been in existence for a good number of years. 

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Life as a DotNetNuke Developer

Life as a DotNetNuke developer is indeed one life that you will indeed enjoy. Your ability to be skilled in the successful deploying of DotNetNuke will...

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