Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to improve website’s rank. Search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl your website to check the type and quality of content present. Websites with higher rank appear at the top when you search for any related query. SEO makes your website more visible in the search engine results which mean you get more traffic through unpaid search. With little effort and small structural changes to the content on the website can improve the site ranking leaps and bounds. Here are some basics of Search Engine Optimization that will help.


Current Position:

Get an idea of where your websites stands now. There are tools available such as Alexa Rating and Google Toolbar. Alexa rating gives you a traffic rank that is based on historical data of past three months. If your website has a higher rank then it is good news. Keep an eye on top traffic source so more attention can be provided to these sources.


Building a sitemap is another important step that is important for SEO. A sitemap is a hierarchal structure that tells the users and website crawlers the list of separate web pages available on the website. Sitemap makes sure that the search engine crawls every page of your website and nothing gets missed. Sitemaps are submitted to search engine webmaster tools. There are tools available on the internet that will generate sitemap.


Search Engine use keywords to get an idea of what exactly the webpage is about. So choosing the right keywords is the most important thing. There are keywords tool available that will help you decide on the popularity and use of certain keywords. But one thing you don’t want to do is place too much or irrelevant keywords because search engine will consider it as spamming and instead of showing it higher in the search results it will not show it at all.

Link Back:

Linking back to other pages in your website is one of the most important and elementary strategies in SEO. This will improve the overall traffic of your website. 

Tags in Images:

Image search is the second highest source for traffic after text search. Search engine crawler has no idea about the images present on a specific page. So to tell the search engine about the image we use ALT tags. These tags let you include a keyword specific to each image. 

SEO with DotNetNuke:

DotNetNuke along with other feature can be excellent for SEO as well. One feature of DNN is that it comes with a pre-generated XML sitemap. Managing page properties like page Meta tags, page header tags and URL is very easy as DNN has a control panel that lets change all these attributes.

Another great feature that DotNetNuke offers is that it has a Google analytics module installed by default. This helps you generate SEO related data effortlessly. In short there is no other open source content management system that takes care of search engine optimization as DotNetNuke does.