Software Engineers or developers are also commonly referred to as programmers. They apply principles of software engineering to design, develop test and evaluate software that make computers and micro chip work. From the definition, software Engineers will spend most of their time trying out principles and testing them. They formulate and create programs and run them in a type of laboratory. In short, his day is spent in front of machines and duties will be executed from a sitting position.

This job requires extensive use of thinking faculties and executing mathematical formulae. It calls for a good memory and a healthy diet but physical exercises come in handy for these people who are always seated. They are likely to develop tummies and they can jeopardize their health situations unless they embark on a serious routine of exercises to keep healthy.

Those are some of the dangers of sedentary life that can afflict any person, not just the software engineer. The kind of diet that these programmers need to take advantage of is meals with body building foods to replenish the brain and lots of frit salads and green vegetables. This together with reduced intake of oily and fatty foods keeps the body relaxed and protected.

Apart from the food, daily exercises for both mind and body are essential. Yoga meditation is one of the best exercises of the mind. It is relaxation that connects the body and mind, refreshing and helping the person re-energize to start a new process. It helps reduce stress and since it does not need any equipment, it is easily achievable. All one would need is a silent place, sit with legs closed and the back straight up. This can be done everyday after work or before retiring to rest at night. Fifteen minutes of Yoga a day would keep the doctor away.

Ample sleeping time is also crucial. During sleep the brain revitalizes and can, without our knowledge complete the processes that could have challenged us earlier in the day! it has been scientifically proven that when we sleep well, our thinking will be clear the following day and that we wake up with strength to handle new challenges. How much the engineers need this! Their work involves a lot of calculations and clear memory is crucial to their success. During sleep, cells regenerate and this keeps the engineers and all feeling younger. Muscles relax helping the body stay alert and refreshed.

Stretching exercises are indispensable. This can be done right in the office on the chair or by supporting oneself against the wall with hands above the head and pushing. These help prevent stiffness of muscles and feeling too tired at the end of the day. It relaxes the bones especially the back. Neck stretching and legs can be done, where the engineer bends the neck either side and place a leg on the other firmly and stretch. This will alleviate loser back pain many engineers complain about.

Other exercises recommended are sit ups and crunches that can reduce the tummy and improve cardiovascular activity. Brisk (or quick) walk can serve to improve blood circulation and walking up the stairs aids the back, leg muscles and in circulation.

All these activities are good for all sedentary workers regardless of their field, but memory improvement and problem solving are abilities so much needed by the engineers. They should therefore make time for meditation or Yoga, sleep enough and be keen to consume protein diet to keep their brains healthy-everyday.