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From the monthly archives: January 2013

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It has been proven that most persons all around the globe have suffered one form of information theft or the other. It is indeed on record that multi million dollar corporations all around the globe losses great junks of money due to information theft and its related cyber criminal activities. With all this in mind, I will like to expose to you the various practical steps in which you could take in other to prevent your vital information from been stolen by an un suspected criminal minded persons, group or organization both locally and internationally. 

In today’s world Information technology which is also known as IT controls over 97% of mankind’s activities, With this in mind, it is mandatory for all of mankind to have some level of Information Technology knowledge while paying a far more detailed attention to various IT based skills that will surely enable you execute your everyday activities in a good time frame. With this in mind, I will like to bring to your notice this singular fact – the cost of a singular IT training is indeed outrageous, but the truth still remains, that you as an individual could be trained for free using the world wide web. To find out how this is indeed possible, I will like you to inhale, exhale and put in an undivided attention to the information’s which will be unveil via this platform.
DNN platform is considered to be better for skin design, module development or web hosting, including setting components which make it easier to run website. Virtualization has matured over the recent past and now hostersare beginning to shift their accounts from dedicated to virtual servers. And with the advent of cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, some of them are even doing away with owning a server.
Choosing the right Content Management Systems (CMS) for a business’s project management seems difficult considering wide availability of open source packages available at present. Providing a comprehensive overview of two most popular products, namely DotNetNuke (DNN) and WordPress, would enable readers to make an informed decision about choosing the right one.

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