It has been proven that most persons all around the globe have suffered one form of information theft or the other. It is indeed on record that multi million dollar corporations all around the globe losses great junks of money due to information theft and its related cyber criminal activities. With all this in mind, I will like to expose to you the various practical steps in which you could take in other to prevent your vital information from been stolen by an un suspected criminal minded persons, group or organization both locally and internationally.

To find out more, I will love you to sit back, in hale, exhale and put in an undivided focus on the information that will soon be unveiled within the lines of this well research write up.

Pass wording:

The term password was first used within the early years of military strive as well as within espionage era. During this time, a password was indeed a means of identification through which an organization, group, system or gadget recognizes an authorized user who is licensed to have access to vital information as been retained there in. But in today’s world where information technology controls over 97% of all man’s endeavour while the whole of civilization rest it firm hands on the back of information technology, then it is mandatory for all to have a password in other to secure once vital and confidential information from been stolen.

With all this said, the best and ever proven way through which you as an individual could prevent your information from been stolen is by you chosen a far more secured password. A secured password should contain at least a letter, number, symbols and signs. It is mandatory that your password should have no connection to your birthday, name, best place or information that could be easily guessed by a would be information criminal. It is also wise to note that as an individual, you should at list change your password once every month in other to avoid information theft.


In today’s web environment were there are constant spy ware, virus and malicious programs flying all around the web which has the singular mandate to steal away your vital information’s from your computer system, website, data base etc. it is mandatory that you have anti spy ware, antivirus as well as USB guard and protection software’s installed in your computer system or any other gadget through which you as a person intend to use in your quest to access the web. On a regular base, it is mandatory that you do a full size upgrade of these software’s either using the web or via purchasing the software’s original license keys.



It has been proven that most information thieves usually disguise them selves in a very attractive emails with eye catching subject in other to entice an unsuspecting victim to open the email in other to view the content and the moment the email is open, automatically, an information spy ware application is immediately installed on your computer which has the sole aim of stealing your personally information’s.

In other to avoid this unwanted situations, it is mandatory that you thread carefully whenever you intend to view an email from an unknown source.

Finally, you could sincerely prevent information theft only if you abide by the information so exposed in this amazing research material.