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From the monthly archives: March 2013

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The corporate environment is transforming rapidly with lots of innovations and inventions currently changing the way in which various activities are been conducted within a corporate business environments. One highly acceptable transformation factor that is accepted globally within the corporate framework of most corporations is what is been referred to as Information Technology which is also known as IT. In fact, there is barely any firm that does not integrate one form or the other IT based platforms into their companies’ framework.
“Life sucks, life is unfair, life like a rolling stone, it just snatch away my job now and unemployed, how do I pay my bills, where do I start from …………” so lamented a single mom aged ranged 28 - 45 years. Still engrossed in this mixed feeling of why this lamentation when sincerely and seriously should could create all the needed wealth she desire only if she is equipped with the right knowledge, skills and timely information, then 2013 wouldn’t have been a disaster as she claim it is. With this in mind, I confronted her three months ago to discuss with her on the possibility of becoming self-employed and enjoy the freedom of working based on your personally allotted time schedule you set for yourself. To know what the outcome was, I will like you to put on a smile, remove all source of distraction and focus while concentrating your emphasis in between line study process.
Having been around the corner for a number of years, mankind has indeed sort to breach the gap between himself and fellow mankind irrespective of the situation. This quest for better communication and better information sharing process and methodology has indeed foster numerous research, inventions, re-invented and adventures. For the Information and communication expert, researchers and the larger group of web based IT freaks comprising IT community, IT forum etc. they have been able to proffer solution to this need of man. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.
The advent of a computer system has indeed gone a long way in other to ensure that all the process and procedures of mankind is indeed made simple. At the peak of this problem solving techniques that a computer systems has indeed been licensed to provide, include the fact that a computer system has indeed simplified the process of communication by ensuring that all the processes involve in communication flows smoothly. One invention that has ensure a smooth flow of communicate is what is known globally as DotNetNuke which is also known with the acronym of DNN. It is wise to note that DotNetNuke has been in existence for a good number of years. 

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