Having been around the corner for a number of years, mankind has indeed sort to breach the gap between himself and fellow mankind irrespective of the situation. This quest for better communication and better information sharing process and methodology has indeed foster numerous research, inventions, re-invented and adventures. For the Information and communication expert, researchers and the larger group of web based IT freaks comprising IT community, IT forum etc. they have been able to proffer solution to this need of man. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.

What is DOTNETNUKE: DotNetNuke is an open source content management system platform which is a web based application. This application that can be referred to as a web based platform, also ensures that you have a community based platform that could foster better communication within the use of this platform. The initial version of this platform was indeed developed to run on Microsoft. Net integrated platform. In essence, it is basically developed with compatibility to Microsoft as its parent operating system. The earlier forms of this Content management system were developed using VB. NET which is also known as Virtual Basic. NET. The soul intention of the developers of this open source content management system was that they require the management of website process and procedures simplified and demystified in that all complication and web application should be made to be in a more user friendly manner that gives room for the easy maneuvering and management of any aspect of your website as you please without you necessarily having the needed Advance IT knowledge.

Product: Basically, DotNetNuke, do comes in two separate packages which are Community edition which do have a MITlicense and commercial proprietary licenses as this is the Professional and Enterprise Editions which is mostly used by corporation and bigger organization for their virtual communication purposes. It is also observe that the most recent DotNetNuke product was developed in July 2011. With this in mind, previously, there have been so many DotNetNuke production and development warehouse as I will be literary permitted to refer to them as. Based on a research report I was privileged to review, I observed that over six hundred thousand production website which I did call DotNetNuke production and development website did existed in the year 2010, while this figure tripled in the year 2011 and there is still a strong analytical prediction, that it will topple in 2012.

Finally, with all this in mind, it is wise to say, that indeed DotNetNuke, is one product that could enable you build a perfect virtual based community, forum as well as social network. It is user friendly and easy to understand as well as free to download, install and operate. While not give it a try by doing a web based research using the keyword DotNetNuke.