“Life sucks, life is unfair, life like a rolling stone, it just snatch away my job now and unemployed, how do I pay my bills, where do I start from …………” so lamented a single mom aged ranged 28 - 45 years. Still engrossed in this mixed feeling of why this lamentation when sincerely and seriously should could create all the needed wealth she desire only if she is equipped with the right knowledge, skills and timely information, then 2013 wouldn’t have been a disaster as she claim it is. With this in mind, I confronted her three months ago to discuss with her on the possibility of becoming self-employed and enjoy the freedom of working based on your personally allotted time schedule you set for yourself. To know what the outcome was, I will like you to put on a smile, remove all source of distraction and focus while concentrating your emphasis in between line study process.

First, I was sure she had a PC as well as a source to a steady internet system that enabled her accessed the internet at all times. Secondly, I made her convert her living room where she was able to set up her own personally own virtual office with a phone line, table chair, note pad, printer, photocopier etc. with these things in place, she was able to kick start her career in IT by enrolling for online IT training. Before she enrolled, like a skilled female counselor, who had been opportune to make over seven hundred thousand dollars from my skill as an Info Tech based expert, I sort to discover her flair and area of concentration which she would love to kick start with. 

Personally, she love the office set up, which she an individual was quiet comfortable with, so with that we enrolled her for a month online based Microsoft office full package training. In less than three weeks, her expertise amazed me and with she armed with this knowledge we proceeded to registering her on online freelancer’s virtual working platforms, and for her first months, she was able to earn over $7000, without any deduction for tax, bills except the bills for her broad band internet.

Today, she is her a freelance IT consultant and service providing client for her previous employer as well as multinational companies all over the globe, with her earning power far existing over fifty thousand dollars monthly.

Info Tech skills pays and to be ahead of your game plan, it is wise that you join the band wagon and explore the numerous opportunities that are abound in this profession in other to reap the blessing that it avails to you.

Personally, for 2013, I will recommend the following career choice for any one anticipating to key start a career in IT. these choices of mine are Software Development, Database Administrator, Web developer, Computer system analysis, Computer programmer, Computer engineering and maintenance, Online IT Sales Reps, Data entry. The first step is for you to enroll for training, source for online working platforms and start earn hugh income via an IT skill and knowledge. Career in IT is indeed the sure solution for your professional dilemma you do face today.