What is a website skin?

A website skin is just like a template or a theme which appears on your website including all web pages. It helps to give style and a pleasant look to your website without putting extra efforts on designing and developing skins or applying cascading style sheets. It gives a uniform look to your website which sets identical color, text size, font style and layout for your entire website. You can also apply the website skin even to your single webpage.



Does DotNetNuke provide website skins?

Yes DotNetNuke provides a large variety of DNN skins on the DotNetNuke store. It is an open source platform which helps their users to change the look and feel of DNN website. They designed their website skins through HTML, CSS and JQuery. You can select any one from the list of unique website skins that suits your website.  DNN offers various skin features like 

DNN offers a wide range of alternative website skins.
They let you preview the look and feel of your website before applying it.
They provide the same look and feel across different mediums and browsers.
They allow you to change the look of a specific webpage or specific web content or area on your website.
They let the users make slight changes in the skins also.

What are the factors involved while choosing a DNN website skin?

There are hundreds of website skins that are available on the internet, but the problem is that how to select the best one from them. It is entirely on you to select any DNN website skin for your DotNetNuke website. But to select the best DNN skin you have to keep in mind the following factors.

Attractive look:
It gives a unique and attractive look to your website so that it can attract visitors on your website.
Easy Navigation:
You have to make it sure that your desired skin has simple and easy navigations, so there is no difficulty surfing your website.
The website must be easy to customize so that there must be no need for any designer to do it.
Cross browser compatibility:
You have to make it sure that the selected website skin provides same look and feel on all browsers.

How you can apply a DNN website skin on your DotNetNuke website?

There is also a detailed documentation provided on DotNetNuke website that provides guidance on how to apply a DNN website skin on your DotNetNuke website. For your convenience, we are stating here all steps regarding website skin.

Login to your DNN portal by entering username and password.
Click the Host on the main menu and navigate through the extension menu.
The extension menu shows already installed and purchased extensions and provide the option to install new extensions by clicking over the install extension wizard.
After clicking on it, it will let you to choose a DNN website skin.
Select your DNN website skin and click next to view all information of your skin. 
Start the installation process and a message will appear when it is done.