What is a responsive website?

The future of any website is a responsive website. A responsive website is a website that is optimized for every device, browser or platform. The layout can be adjusted according to the medium on which website would be displayed. Any responsive website ensures that it has simple navigation and text can be easily read.  A responsive website should have to change it according to the medium it is viewed on whether it is a desktop, a smart phone or a tablet. The website must provide the same functionality and easy to render on all channels. 

Why there is a need for the responsive website?

There are the following factors that are needed in a single responsive website.

1. Time is money:

People always consider time is money so they always opt for the websites which are quick and easy to approach.

2. Popularity and use of hand held device:

There is an imminent increase in the popularity and use of handheld devices. Now the people are browsing the websites from their small devices.

3. Single SEO strategy:

If a website is having a single URL for all mediums, it ultimately needs a single SEO strdot net ategy to follow. You don’t have to apply different strategies for different mediums.

4. User experience:

The website must be user friendly and easy to navigate so that it makes the user experience fantastic. The content must easy to read and discover. 

What are the perils of a non-responsive website?

A non-responsive websites have the following problems which cause the internet users to leave your website because every second count.

 The website is causing problems while rendering the webpage of your website.
•  The website has crashed due to some development errors or it does not optimize according to the required medium.
 The website is taking more time to load which affects the viewership of the website. 

Why you should use the DotNetNuke to develop a responsive website?

The DotNetNuke platform has really helped a lot in developing a responsive website. There is a wide variety of modules and skins available that not only saves time of the developer, but also helps in achieving a responsive web design. DotNetNuke makes provides the following benefits.


The DotNetNuke applied the Bootstrap framework for their websites.

 Responsive Modules:

Anyone can choose from the list of responsive modules and easily deploy it on their website.

 Responsive Skins:

There are also responsive skins that are available on the DotNetNuke website which helps to maintain the layout of the website on different channels.


These websites are lightweight because they more content based websites. They do not contain heavy graphics.

 Website Optimization:

The website works always same whenever viewed from different devices, browsers, platforms, etc.

 Slight Modifications:

The developers can make modifications in the required module or skin, according to their requirements.