Why there is a need to upgrade your website?

New things are coming so rapidly that it is impossible to match up the new requirements of your website users having the older version. You should have to keep your website up-to-date so that your website can align with the latest technology trends and helps in maintaining the greater number of visitors. It also helps to maintain a high ranking in Google because they need the websites with latest technologies. Users can take advantage of the new technology releases and upgrade their website with the latest functionality and design. 

What is the latest version of DotNetNuke and what is new in it?

The latest version of the DNN is DotNetNuke 7.0 which is released on 28th November, 2013. It is greatly accepted by the Microsoft community as it is considered as a strong web content management system. This DNN version is also compatible with Windows 8. Not only has it provided an advantage to the website designers, but also the website developers. The users can get the following benefits by adopting DotNetNuke v7.

  The whole interface is re-designed which helps the users to make changes in their DNN website more easily.
  It is more easy to use and requires simple steps to update any DotNetNuke website to the latest version.
  The control panel is also redesigned which is very simple to navigate and give access to common features more easily.
•   It offers drag and drop system for modules to easily integrate them across the different panes.
•   It also provides the opportunity to share modules among multiple DNN websites.
  It offers more visibility for mobile website versions.
  It provides full support to the users of DotNetNuke with detail documentation and users help manuals. 

How you can upgrade your website properly with DotNetNuke?

You can always find new DotNetNuke releases on their website www.DotNetNuke.com. There is also detailed users help manuals available which not only helps to install it but also let you know what is new in this version.

1.   Back up your website and database so in case of any error you can switch back to your default website.
2.   You can download the latest release of DNN from their website.
3.   Extract or unzip the latest version of DNN to a folder on your computer.
4.   Copy new updated files on the server, which will overwrite the older ones.
5.   At the end, open your website in the browser and test the changes. 

Guidelines for safe upgrading:

While upgrading your website you must have to make sure that you are adopting safe upgrading methods. 

  Do step by step change to your website and do not forget to test it after every modification. 
  Keep proper backup of your website.
  Update your DNN skin to the latest version and test it.
  Update your DNN modules to the latest version and again test it.