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Life as a DotNetNuke developer is indeed one life that you will indeed enjoy. Your ability to be skilled in the successful deploying of DotNetNuke will indeed set you up for a more successful future where your skills will be sort out ford on a global perspective. In fact, it has been observed that over 750,000.000+ websites are presently running smoothly on DotNetNuke while more web platforms, C Panels and Apps stores are currently integrating DotNetNuke as a vital open source content management system within their frame work. To digress a bit, I will like us to go back in time to observe the history of how DotNetNuke has evolved and is today concurring as a leading Content Management System. 
You may be having a daunting task trying to get your DotNetNuke site listed on the first page of search engines. You probably don’t have an idea of how you are going to do this. There are certain SEO tips if followed right will help your website climb steadily up to the top of search engines so as to attract the required traffic that will sell products and services. But first thing you should understand is search engine ranking of your website will not improve overnight. Don’t be cheated with someone claiming to be a Search Engine Optimization Expert that he will get your site ranked first page within a few months. Even if he does so, he/she will have optimized your site using a keyword that is either not significant or doesn’t attract any real traffic that sells your products and services. Let us look at the real SEO tips for getting your site rank top in search engines.
DNN 6.2 built on strong web content management system capabilities making it the leader in web content solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. Version 6.2 is the current release that enables businesses to quickly build internal social networks to improve communication, collaboration and employee productivity. Version 6.2 enables you to create external communities that enable site users become advocates. This lowers site support cost and increases revenue opportunities. Let us look at some of the features which make version 6.2 stand out from the rest.
DotNetNuke (DNN) content management system enables you to quickly build and edit websites using only your web browser. Its website’s consists of pages and modules. A page is where site content is displayed and is made up of one or more modules. A module depicts functionality to be added on a page. Modules inbuilt in DNN include Text, Table, Events, Picture, and Links among others. Other modules can be found from the community and developer’s web forums, blogs etc. Suppose you have an existing website designed in a different framework of which you want to transfer its content to a DNN framework. How are you going to do it?  Let us provide the solution by looking into MSSQL database. It is commonly used to store content in DNN website, so let’s take it as our example. For legacy database, it contains hundreds of tables, procedures, views, etc. so it may not be practical to transfer everything from it into a DNN database (MSSQL). Furthermore, it is not practical to build the DNN database within the legacy database.
DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source, highly efficient content management system most suitable for designing of commercial web sites, extranets and corporate intranets, and online publishing portals. DNN is free to use for any commercial or non-commercial application. The software is built on a robust Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform. It is easily installed and hosted to get all the features and tools a web developer needs to design and manage features of websites such as layout, security, content, membership plans, search engine submission, and email client. 
DotNetNuke (DNN) is a powerful, open-source content management system. You will know if DNN is worth your use by understating its set of modules that comes with the package. Let us first know what a module is. In content management systems, there are sets of codes that can seamlessly fit into the overall system to provide a major functionality. As you may know, websites have certain functions which can be found in other websites as well. Such functions include logins, events calendar, contact lists among others. It is modules that enable the setup of these functions in whichever website you might have. Any version of DNN will cannot miss to have certain modules (standard modules). Let us look at the standard modules that are included in a DNN package.
XHTML is a markup language used in content management systems and has the same capabilities as HTML but uses stricter syntax.  It is the successor to HTML 4. XHTML can be described as a mixture of classic (HTML) and cutting-edge (XML). It looks and works much like HTML but is based on the web’s super markup language (XML). XHTML raises HTML coding to XML standards.
Another name for skinning is theming. This is a terminology used to define customizations that doesn’t affect how an application works but changes the look and feel of a website. Skinning gives one the opportunity to maintain all the benefits of an application but changes the look and feel of a website to the one you desire. Skinning is a revolutionary concept in content management systems including DotNetNuke. Companies that make content management systems create an environment where their clients have the ability to manage their websites and also change the look and feel of it using a handful of tools provided. Some content management systems often provide few choices and rigid limitations when it comes to skinning, whereby you end up with much cloned types of sites that if you saw three of such sites together, it wouldn’t be hard to identify them. 
Let us look into the basic principals of how a DotNetNuke (DNN) website works. This will help you gain a better understanding in the operation of your website.
Life endeavor of mankind is indeed demystified with the advent of the computer which has indeed metamorphoses into the internet. It has further experience an ever increasing and timely process of innovation which has brought a large spectrum to the process of communication as well as web based task completion process. Topping the application list with regards to communication as the center point is what is known and referred to globally as DOTNETNUKE. This solution is indeed embedded in DNN. DNN is indeed an acronym for DOTNETNUKE. For all those who aren’t Information Technology expert, I will like to create a better understanding by simplifying the process through which you will be having a greater and simple understanding of this IT terminology, product, its history, function and uses both in a business sector and for private use.

DotNetNuke (DNN), an Open Source Web Application Framework, is the most successful open source project native to the Microsoft platform. At the 10 year anniversary of this platform, DNN7.0 has been announced.It targets a range of customers across vertical markets that require a flexible content management system. The expected public release date is Wednesday, November 28th 2012.

DotNetNuke (DNN) began its journey as IBuyspy, which was an open source content management system coded by Shaun Walker, a guy working for Perpetual Motion in Canada.  Initially, Shaun had been involved in writing an open source product that gave beginners ability to manage their websites. He also provided a platform for developers who were using Microsoft as their development platform, the ability to develop IBuyspy further. This product was the preferred choice for the asp.net website, which is a Microsoft resource centre for any person working in the Microsoft .NET framework.  

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