DotNetNuke (DNN), an Open Source Web Application Framework, is the most successful open source project native to the Microsoft platform. At the 10 year anniversary of this platform, DNN7.0 has been announced.It targets a range of customers across vertical markets that require a flexible content management system. The expected public release date is Wednesday, November 28th 2012.

This new technology is a bold step forward fromMicrosoft’s Content Management Platform. It includes substantial business productivity enhancements, investments in web platform relevance, and a great user experience. DNN 7.0 is modular in nature, which means users can leverage any of thousands of plug-ins. The BETA version is available now. It can be downloaded from the project page on Codeplex.


DNN 7.0 makes creating and managing content-rich websites, social intranets and online communities easier, with benefits for web content editors, enterprises, web designers and web developers. DNN 7.0 is the most advanced development framework to date from the MS stable, which allows building powerful web applications. With support for Active Directory and SharePoint Lists, DNN 7.0 can also be seamlessly integrated with popular enterprise applications. Even more, it ensures seamless upgrade path for existingDNN customers!

If we have to point out for each category of DNN users what is new then here is the list:

 For Content Editors

  • ·         Upgraded control Panel
  • ·         View Mode by default
  • ·         Edit mode improvements
  • ·         Reintroduction of drag and drop modules
  • ·         Cross Site Module Sharing.

For the Enterprise

  • ·         Active Directory
  • ·         Share point list sharing.

For Web Designers

  • ·         Overhauled CSS Foundation
  • ·         Style Guide.

For Web Developers: 

  • ·         Service Framework
  • ·         New data access layer
  • ·         Full Razor support.

For more details on each category please visit related articles on this.

Is it worth upgrading to DNN 7.0?

No second thoughts on that.

It requires more modern IIS and ASP.NET runtimes, so you can’t run it on an old IIS6 machine. Think of it as a positive step forwards. Believe me it’s a very good reason to investigate a new hosting deal or find a new server for your site. But get on the upgrade path as soon as you can. You’ll agree with me: DNN 7.0 is a very solid step forwards for the platform.