In the development of any website, the first thing developers want is to build its web design. For this reason, Dot net nuke websites are becoming very popular due to the creative features of skin development. DNN is supported by a large community and provides extensive features for developing DNN skins, modules, websites, etc. DNN provides the best and easy to use solutions for developers so that they can design web pages more easily by developing DNN skins. 

What is a DNN Skin?

A DNN skin is a theme which applies to a certain website to create a varied look and feel of the website. It is a design layer that separates the presentation and content layer. The DNN skins use Html to design the themes and CSS3 to stylize them. The skin consists of html files that automatically call the .css and other related files at the time of loading website.

How to develop a simple DNN skin?

Development of DNN skin is easy and can build by following these steps.

Choose an editor according to your requirements.
Install Dot net nuke starter kit.
Set up the development environment while choose DNN framework in your selected editor.
Creates a new folder under skins folder and start developing your skin by adding images, fonts, buttons, etc.
At the end, check how your skin looks on the home page.

How to apply a certain skin to a website?

You can apply your DNN skin to your website by following these steps.

1. Browse your desired skin through DNN store.
2. Install its package.
3. Log in to your DNN website administration area.
4. Go to admin area->skins and choose the option of “select skin”.
5. Upload your downloaded DNN skin package to your DNN website.

You can apply a single theme to your entire DNN website but also apply a theme to a specific web page on your DNN website. 

What are the creative features of DNN skin development?

DNN skins have the following features that urge all of us to develop our DNN web design on Dot net nuke framework. 

Responsive web design: DNN skins have responsive skin designs that work great for all media formats and web enabled devices.
Easy to install: DNN skins are open source, free and easy to install without following any difficult steps.
Easy to customize: DNN skin can also be customized according to the requirements of the website. 
SEO friendly: It makes your website SEO friendly.
HTML5 and CSS3: It uses Html5 for web designing and CSS3 to stylize the themes.
Bootstrap framework: It uses bootstrap framework to maintain consistency across different screens resolutions.
Cross browser compatibility: DNN skins are compatible across all internet browsers like internet explorer, chrome, safari, etc.
DNN modules: DNN skin also contains DNN modules for blogs, sliders, galleries and many more.
Documentation: There is a detailed information and user guide in the documentation of the skins.

So use the creative features of Dot net nuke framework for developing your DNN skin and to provide an amazing look to your website.