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From the monthly archives: December 2012

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Like the year 2011 which was looked at with so much hope and aspiration. Today all that is indeed a thing of the past and we all are currently waxing strong in the euphoria of 2012 which will soon come to a close. But with all this, the singular question still remains, how prepare are we for 2013, and what is our set down strategies through which we could successfully over come the obstacles so envisaged in 2013. To find out more, I will like you to take a deep breath, exhale and read further.

DotNetNuke (DNN), an Open Source Web Application Framework, is the most successful open source project native to the Microsoft platform. At the 10 year anniversary of this platform, DNN7.0 has been announced.It targets a range of customers across vertical markets that require a flexible content management system. The expected public release date is Wednesday, November 28th 2012.

Personally, the thought of this topic really make my heart race in thought. For hours, I was speechless, dumb and silent while engaging my mind in a detailed thinking section before I gathered the momentum with which I would love to discuss this topic or rather give an answer to this amazing question “Should my kids hack”. Before, I delve into answering this question I would love to take you through some basic hacking information in other for you to have a better understanding of the term hack, hacking, hacker, ethical hacker and cracker. Etc.
Computer has indeed been defined as an electronics device that store, retrieve and process data. The origin of the computer could be traced back to the days when abacus was indeed the major equipment used in the calculation which was further worked - which led to the invention of the logarithms. With the meaning and definition of computer clearly stated, I will love to proceed by literary taking you through a tour as to the origin of how computer originated and the various types of computer that was invented in the past and how these inventions were used in the past.

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