Computer has indeed been defined as an electronics device that store, retrieve and process data. The origin of the computer could be traced back to the days when abacus was indeed the major equipment used in the calculation which was further worked - which led to the invention of the logarithms. With the meaning and definition of computer clearly stated, I will love to proceed by literary taking you through a tour as to the origin of how computer originated and the various types of computer that was invented in the past and how these inventions were used in the past.

Pascal Computer:

This type of computer was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1640 which was indeed a high powered machine which was solely used for calculation.

Gottfried Computer Invention:

This computer was invented in 1670 by a scientist called Liebnitz Gottfried. He wanted to produce an innovation to Pascal work by producing a calculator that could be operated manually while still producing a positive calculated results.

Joseph Marie Invention:

This invention was a patent work of Joseph Marie Jacquard who was a French man. This invention of his tried to concentrate on alphabetical reading of a loom based equipment.

Charles baggage Invention:

This Charles was able to work on previous computer inventions in other to come up with his own invention of a computer that was an innovation to Joseph work. He was able to invent a machine that could program. This invention of his came into land light in the year 1820.

Ada - Lovelace Invention:

This inventor has so much credit to his work mostly in the area of programming as he was able to use the machine that was invented by Charles Baggage, worked on it in other to come up with an innovated version of this machine which manually process written codes into a programming language.

Boole Invention:

Basically, he a mathematics professor who is referred to as the father of modern day computer science, because he was able to propagate some thought that helped facilitated the development of computer science.

Herman Invention:

Herman invention was achieved in the year 1890, which was tabulated on a punch card which was also powered by electricity. His invention also created the room through which electricity became relevant in computer usage process.

William Burroughs Invention:

He was the first computer inventor who produced the first printer that printed out of a calculated machine. His invention was discovered in the year 1892.

Konrad Zuse Invention:

The invention of this great engineered was discovered in the year 1935, while he based his own personal computer on the calculation as well as figure explanation. Furthermore he was able to create an electronic device that program.

Atanasoff Invention:

The first invention of this inventor was first centered on the development of an independent digital computer.

Further more, Computer inventions metaphors from the work of different inventor who single handedly contributed their research in other to ensure that computer is manufactured and turned into more reliable equipment, time saying and data processes equipment. In 1937, Enigma was developed; Alan Turing spare headed this research.George Steblitz was accredited with the discovery of networking in computer science.

Finally, the internet has greatly helped in development and improvement of the computer into a magnificent gadget/equipment that could perform complex task at the speed of light.