What are table-less div based skins?

The table-less div based skin are layout of the web pages which uses HTML div tags and cascading style sheets. These layouts do not include table tags, but div tags are amply used with the help of cascading style sheets. These layouts are used to design skins and themes which are used to increase web accessibility.

Does DotNetNuke offers table-less div based skins?

Yes DotNetNuke offers a full range of table-less div based skins which help to provide a flawless look and feel of your website on every internet browser. The use of table-less div based skins is highly recommended and widely used in the latest web designing scenario. Most of the DotNetNuke professional community is adopting them as their first priority and provides full support in implementing them.

Why we should use table-less div based DNN skins?

In the past, web designers are not much familiar with the use cascading style sheets. Their lack of knowledge of CSS causes various problems when it comes to cross browser compatibility. It also creates a lot of source code which can diminish with the use of table-less, div based DNN skins. 

What are the advantages of choosing table-less div based DNN skin on your website?

Now-a-days, web designers are well aware of the advantages of table-less div based layouts and apply them while designing the DNN skins. 

   Less source code: 
They require less source code and form a cleaner, shorter and flexible code file.
   Easy to read: 
It forms a cleaner and shorter code which is easy to read.
   Easy to Manage: 
The designing code and data can be separated from each other and can be managed more easily than ever.
   Easy to Modify source code: 
As data and design code is easily distinguishable so they are used to make modifications in the source code more easily and in less time.
   Saves time: 
They require less time to design a DNN skin as it requires a separate CSS file for styling.
   Fast Accessibility: 
The pages are lightweight and thus they are used to load the web pages more quickly.
   SEO friendly: 
They are SEO friendly, which let the web pages to get accesses by the search engine faster. 
   Easy to Modify content: 
It is easy to maintain and modify the content of the website.
   Easy to Modify style sheet: 
It requires less need to modify the source code. To change the look and feel of the skin you just have to make modifications in the CSS file. 
   Cross browser compatibility: 
They help in achieving the same results across different browsers.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand that why to use table-less div based DNN skins. Now you cannot deny the increasing significance of designing and implementing table-less div based DNN skins on your DotNetNuke websites.