The corporate environment is transforming rapidly with lots of innovations and inventions currently changing the way in which various activities are been conducted within a corporate business environments. One highly acceptable transformation factor that is accepted globally within the corporate framework of most corporations is what is been referred to as Information Technology which is also known as IT. In fact, there is barely any firm that does not integrate one form or the other IT based platforms into their companies’ framework.

But to create a better understanding, the current IT trends in corporate environment is what is known and referred to as VIRTUAL WORK. A virtual work is the process through which a firm actively integrates their daily administrational activities into a process through which their executors are rarely positioned within virtual working platforms where all work is been transmitted via a Virtual private network. This trend has indeed been in existence for a couple of years now, and with each passing year, there is an improvement to this process which enable a corporation to further integrate newer administrative activities into this whole process. It is wise to note that for a corporation to successfully integrate Virtual working Platform in their administrative activities, there are certain factors, component as well as skills that a the pre-requisite  in other for these IT based virtual platforms to be better integrated, functional, successful and better useful.

One of such component is the fact that before corporations consider integrating this whole IT enabled platform into their budget, they most first of all consider the cost of the machineries necessary as well as needed in other to integrate these Platform into their working activities. Furthermore, the needed maintenance needs should also be putting into consideration as this would also be the life line of this platform.

It was observed in a report published by the Department of Trade that over twenty million persons are so involved in one form of Virtual Work or the other while a rough estimated percentage of over eighty percent of small and larger scale Corporations and firms alike also integrate this IT based working platforms in their daily routines and activities. With this in mind, it is also wise to note that in other to be relevant as well as tap into the numerous wealth these activities has indeed created, then it is wise for an individual to inculcate the below listed activities.


By training, I’m referring to the fact that you as an individual most acquire some set of training skills mostly in IT related areas. At list for the startup, it is wise to acquire skills in word processing as well as other basic designing and recording keeping programs, software and applications alike.

Finally, the benefits of this IT trend in a corporate environment are quite enormous in that it avails all parties so involve the opportunity to win and be successful. For the corporation, their winning relies on the fact that on the long term scale, this platform is far more cost efficient while on the part of a virtual worker, there is also the freedom of work schedule, minimized expenditure as well as ability to work more to earn more.