The invention of the internet has giving rise to rapid change we experience on a daily bases. In fact it has been observed that, the internet has been able to convert over 89% of man’s activities, with this number currently increase. With the above, it is now mandatory for you to be able to have your content on the internet in other for you to better position yourself in other to attract world class investors, clients, friends, admirers and well-wishers. If you are still yet to take advantage of this golden opportunity, then I will like to introduce this amazing Open source CMS called DotNetNuke.

Have you ever thought of deploying your content on the World Wide Web? If this thought has indeed hunted you, I will love you to sit back, in hale, exhale and read the information that will be shared via this write up. Before, I proceed; I will like to start by saying that DotNetNuke is a patent product of DNN corps which is headed by Shaun Walker. Shaun Walker who happens to be a Most Valuable professional of Microsoft since 2004 was the original creator of DotNetNuke.



In other to create a better understanding as to why you need to choose and deploy DotNetNuke as your open source CMS, I will us to consider the following key points together. 


By usability, it is wise to note that the act of deploy DotNetNuke is quite simple and easy to comprehend. First, most web host has preinstalled version of DotNetNuke as an open source CMS in their Cpanel. This singular action only shows how simple DotNetNuke has become, in fact it is far more user friendly when compared to other CMS. Speaking about user friendliness, it has been observed that when DotNetNuke is deployed it is far easier to add, maintain and edit web content (web Pages). 

Peradventure, you would also love to take up more training on DotNetNuke, it has been observed that DotNetNuke community and forum members will be willing to give you free or low cost fee trainings on how to work on this platform. Some very basic things you will be able to learn at no cost at all include, adding pages, page layout set up, and dynamic feature creation among others. 

Content Accessibility:

One very vital thing to note is the ability of DotNetNuke developers, engineers and community at large to integrate easy search into this amazing CMS which has made it far simpler for you the end user to be able to access any information that you deem necessary. For instance, on DotNetNuke 7.1 beta version it has indeed been impressive in that it has in it an advanced auto suggestion, advance filters, index tag and instant content which enable user access different level within the DotNetNuke 7.1 framework. 

Finally, deploying DotNetNuke is indeed one option that will yield reasonable result for all to see. In fact, it is cheap and it has been observed that DotNetNuke has integrated simple to comprehend web URL.