This reflection examined the somatic complaints, psychological complaints and medicine disorders in software engineers. Subjects were 101 someone software engineers. They were evaluated by a semistructured converse.



 Medicine diagnosing was supported on DSM-III (Characteristic and Statistical Manual of Lineament Disorders, base edition).
The results are summarized as follows:

1) Somatogenic complaints were observed in 68% of the subjects with 25% of the subjects protesting of tangible ill-health. This read showed that 12% of the subjects had hypertension, 12%, gastritis or gastro-duodenal ulcer, 14%, hypersensitized disease, and 19% heterogeneous diseases.

2) Of the subjects 62% had intellectual complaints and 31% mental ill-health.


Depressive symptom was the most haunt mental ill with 32% of the subjects diagnosed as DSM-III. The uncouth diagnoses were accommodation disorders (19%), study emotional disorders (6%), psychological factors moving somatogenetic rilievo of lineament complaints.

 The accumulation show the strictness of intellectual ill upbeat in software engineers, but methodological limitations preclude a firmly section at this reading. Further studies should be prefabricated on the rational welfare advise in software engineers.