What is DotNetnuke?

DotNetnuke is a web framework built and run by Microsoft ASP.NET. DotNetnuke is basically a free platform which is used as open source website builder and also used for content management system for websites. 

What is DotNetnuke module? 

DotNetnuke is a program which is designed to be extended, so for extending there are few ways. One of the ways for extending the framework is to create modules. These modules are installed inside a DotNetnuke when you install it at first. When these modules run in DotNetnuke installation they extend the framework, and this will help to extend DotNetnuke website. The DotNetnuke website is accessed by users via a web browser. The modules that are installed and configured in the DotNetnuke installation provide the functionality that the users can perform easily. 

How DotNetnuke is helpful in E-commerce?

DotNetnuke is an excellent platform for E-commerce businesses, reason being it is open sourced and provides the client the flexibility and advanced security modules. The long term success of DotNetnuke website depends on the best security of your website that is why in e-commerce DotNetnuke focuses on providing the right security modules and features for offering a safe online browsing experience to clients. 

The basic DotNetnuke framework is a solid CMS that contains the functionality required to manage and administrate your ecommerce website’s content securely. However, the true power of e-commerce website with DotNetnuke comes from its third-party add-ons, which are actually called modules. So with the help of DotNetnuke is open-source, any e-commerce website developer can create custom modules that suit the performance they need, as it is an open source feature by which developer can custom his/her website easily. Below are some of the most popular DotNetnuke modules. 

- DotNetnuke Dynamic forms.
- Easy DotNetnuke gallery. 
- Easy DotNetnuke news. 
- DotNetnuke comments, feedback and rating systems. 

There are also some other list of modules which are provided by DotNetnuke for e-commerce websites. 

- Login Module.
- Image Module.
- Calendar Module. 
- FAQ Module.
- Discussion Module.
- Documents Module.
- I Frame Module.

The features and benefit your E-commerce website will get by using DotNetnuke module are:

It supports all the functionality of your e-commerce website.
Uses the controls and master template technology. 
Support for multiple portals running different stores.
Easy configuration options.
99% of code is shared between both Public Store and DotNetnuke Module.
SOA based implementation.
Platform gets Highly Scalable.
Higher Conversion Rates, your entire Platform, URLs, Image Tags, Product Catalog will be built using SEO-rich Content.
Mobile-optimize Your Site for the On-the-go B2B Customer.
Automate Customer Re-ordering & Up-selling.
Modules will help to streamline the Communication and Reporting with Your Suppliers, Vendors, and Customers
Support Global Markets by Integrating Global Shipping, Sales Taxes and Duties.

The goal of using DotNetnuke module in e-commerce website is that it helps you in increasing your e-commerce business in the most logical and possible way. The web designers and developers of DotNetnuke module will help you by providing with custom features that will make your website unique and easy to use for your customers. Because everyone knows that the e-commerce website needs to attract new visitors and existing users as well.