DNN is an impressive web development platform. An open source content management system that supports and secures clients content and log files firmly. Latest technology, high compatibility, reliable tools, uncomplicated code writing in C#, a piece of cake for developers with so many other robust and authorized tools and features, DNN is surely one of the most wanted CMS in IT industry.

Smart Mobile DNN

DNN is known for its ability to embrace the changes very easily. DNN mobile modules is the significant representative of its ability to adapt the environment. No doubt it makes developer’s life easy. DotNetNuke platform is the helping hand in developers life where developer can blindly rely on its ability to cope up with the requirements of clients, show compatibility whenever needed, simple enough to understand every bit of it, multiple portals from single installation, bulk emailing, robust security are few of the many features of DotNetNuke platform.

No one would ever thought that an open source content management could be a cup of tea for everyone. People can now use DNN on their smartphones as well. Mobile modules enable it to deal with the content, manage them on their smartphones. Having access to DNN on mobile phones is definitely a bliss for all mobile users. It make life so much easier. Can be easily downloaded from internet, smartphones could become the web development device in your hand, which is quite an interesting idea.  

How it works as a mobile module?

People prefer everything to be contained in their handheld devices i.e mobile phones. DNN proves itself once again by offering this smartphone DNN module. Web pages, contents, log files, record keeping can simply be done through this. Developers can communicate with each other because of this mobile module. Content management system has become an easy task since the advent of this module. This indeed is a revolutionary step towards technological advancements. Now smartphones are everything from a simple telecommunication device to an advance level DotNetNuke module integrated maneuver. Now a mobile phone has got everything!

The astonishing part is that people are actually using this module and are really happy about this advancement. Skins can be changed through mobile modules. Formatting can be done in more precise fashion that would dazzle the developer. The results of this mobile module are impressive and clients appreciate the outcome whole heartedly.

DNN is strongly impressive

Users praise about its compatibility, the way it ensures privacy of all contents and data files, styling and formatting of web pages and impeccable security potentialities. All of these are beyond amazing. It’s like a bundle of wonders on one platform that is DNN.MS Azure is a technical software and DNN shows excellent compatibility with it, that itself is a one of the many core competencies of DotNetNuke.

Bulk emailing, multiple portals from single installation, database capabilities, and functional plugins are surely the alphas of technology. They are second to none.