DotNetNuke   is an open source content management system powered by ASP.NET/Microsoft IIS web-based technologies. Its popularity is growing rapidly in the world with all the striking and unique features it is offering. The user friendly web development platform provided on DotNetNuke has grasped the attention of the many businesses which want to make their websites more customized. But one thing that still is headache for most of the people is that how one can make its site linked with SEO. Search Engine optimization is basically a process of optimizing the website to be indexed easier and more rapidly and it makes sure that the website is better indexed than the competitive websites. People who have used DotNetNuke to make their websites should be relieved to know that it has provided with some excellent information on how the sites can get strong search optimization. 

How to link DNN?

Use correct phrases:

To rank the site first in SEO you should optimize the website with words and phrases that people would actually use to begin their search with. For example if your website is about selling wrist watches then the phrases used should be “best wrist watches”, “unique wrist watches”. One can even hire the experts for such work because though it may seem easy but most of the websites get ranked at top such because of the phrases they use.

Use default settings:

Now how to link Search Engine optimization with SEO?  Actually there are mainly 3 search engines provided in the drop down list that you one can choose from to submit the site that you want to be indexed by a particular search engines. By default installation/configuration of DotNetNuke the home page content of your website is accessible via three versions of the URL.  Page load event handler is required to fix the state. 

Use user friendly URL’s:

Once your site is officially elected you can submit your site to all three search engines as well. The three things that must be take care of while linking is:

1. Generate SEO user friendly url’s
2. Apply the correct html tags to contents
3. Generate  internal links to  the same websites

Use XML Site map:

One of the best features of SEO in DNN is the option of Search Engine Sitemap page which is found in your Admin menu. This allows one to manage how the page-level Site Map Priorities can be used. There are many varieties of settings which can help one to fine tune the website. XML Site Map is generated for the same purpose. It is especially useful for sites which are larger and that have too many pages.  If one goes over a definite number of pages in the XML site map you will notice that some will be ignored and never seen or dealt with when the search engines parse the XML. 

DotNetNuke is the coolest ever web development technique that has been introduced. Once installed properly, surely it can lead you higher than your competitors in no time.