Mobiles have become a part of life for some people there is no life without mobiles.  Now every person from almost any age group uses cell phones. DotNetNuke has been very helpful for Web Content Management System (CMS) and more new features have been added by the designers of DotNetNuke.

What is Mobile CMS? 

A Mobile Content Management system (MCMs) is a type of content management system (CMS) capable of storing and delivering content and services to mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, and PDAs. Mobile content management systems may be discrete systems, or may exist as features, modules or add-ons of larger content management systems capable of multi-channel content delivery. Mobile content delivery has unique, specific constraints including widely variable device capacities, small screen size, limited wireless bandwidth, small storage capacity, and comparatively weak device processors.

Demand for mobile content management increased as mobile devices became increasingly ubiquitous and sophisticated. MCMS technology initially focused on the business to consumer (B2C) mobile market place with ringtones, games, text-messaging, news, and other related content. Since, mobile content management systems have also taken root in business to business (B2B) and business to employee (B2E) situations, allowing companies to provide more timely information and functionality to business partners and mobile workforces in an increasingly efficient manner. A 2008 estimate put global revenue for mobile content management at US$8 billion.

DotNetNuke and Mobile CMS

The industry shift to mobile is obvious and DotNetNuke has adjusted course to account for this shift as well. Skin designers can easily create responsive designs if they opt for the Responsive web design route. DotNetNuke also offers site administrators the ability to easily set up mobile redirects. The mobile re-direct rules can be page or site specific and the criteria for redirection have very granular options. Users can be redirected based on device type, viewport width, screen resolution, etc. I tested this feature out for the first time and implemented it within minutes. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up even for non-technical users.

They old version of DNN that is 6.0 was only use for web CMS and it was an open source but now new version is introduced which supports Mobile CMS too. DotNetNuke is now Cloud ready, mobile optimized, and socially engaging.

DotNetNuke Version 6.1

Mobile Website Management is built on the DNN 6.0 User Interface, so you should find it very intuitive to use. Some key capabilities include:

Use the DNN Page Administrator interface to quickly add a mobile page.
Built-in Google Analytics.
Automatic device detection and site redirection, so it doesn't matter where the user lands, they are automatically redirected to the interface that best suits them.
Optimized mobile menus, so you can create different menu functionality based on device.
Built-in mobile content previewer for Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7
A mobile template that mirrors the Awesome Cycles 6.0 template for websites.