DotNetNuke is an automated content management framework which is intended to be used in intranet and extranet deployments with the open source portals. DotNetNuke basically contains a set of tools that will help and enable you to build dynamic websites. The information contained in such sites is completely data driven. DotNetNuke allows you to change information as it automatically contains file or database. In wide terms, DotNetNuke is one of the most popular CMS which is commonly used for developing web applications for various industries. The most common features provided by DotNetNuke are developing, publishing and managing the web content. 

Web development:

Web development is a term which means the work done in developing a website on the Internet. Web development is defined and helped in building, creating, and maintaining websites of all types. Web development includes aspects like web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. 

Use of DotNetNuke in Web development: 

DotNetNuke based websites are good for many reasons. One of the most important reasons why DotNetNuke based websites have succeeded in making a mark over the web based system is because of their ability to turn things in a good way and make websites look quite evident. One of the other reason due to which web development got benefit because of DotNetNuke is that such websites support the best technology. Such websites have DotNetNuke Skin, which is so appealing and easy that any visitor or user will easily get attracted towards the website and will be able to identify its process just by a glance.

Benefits of using DotNetNuke in Web development:

The implementation of DotNetNuke in web development provides many benefits which are:

- Reduce development duration.
- Provides support and solutions for forums, manuals, online resources, books and documentation and blogs. 
- Recruit and attract internet users.
- Easily manageable. 
- Simple content editing and creation.
- Best and unmatched security.
- Ultimate platform flexibility.
- Well supported.
- Reduced cost.
- Well established and well proven.
- Dynamic in terms of features, security and functionality. Means it provides best functionality, security and features for web development.
- In web development, it provides best inline editing of all the content of website. 
- Provide with best and powerful tools for web development content. 
- Web administration is simple and easy to understand. 
- Provides web development with latest technology. 

DotNetNuke has become one of the preferred choices of webmasters and web developers because of the much benefits defined above. Beside of all these benefits DotNetNuke is also considered popular technology because of open source community. Moreover in web development DotNetNuke also facilitates changes at all levels of development. The change includes the style sheet elements like color, font type, and bullet points. In web development it is also possible to apply new skins and module containers to the site with no repercussion with the content. Building a Web application from the ground up is a time-consuming endeavor, so DotNetNuke is a mature product with a large installed base and good support and helps the developer a lot.