There are various web development platforms available in the market. There has been a great change in the design, structure, interactivity and appearance of the websites from the past 10 years. This has become possible with the introduction of different platforms for web development like DotNetNuke as they provide very good services for the development of various web applications. The proposed article will provide information regarding various features and advantages of DotNetNuke platform.  

The DotNetNuke platform provides the installable Graphic Design. The beautiful website look can be achieved by integrating a skin package which can be installed within few minutes. This allows to dramatically change the website’s appearance while existing functionality remains unaffected. Furthermore, in this web application platform can be expanded. It allows various third party applications to be integrated with the DNN modules. This platform allows the site owners to add or remove webpages from their site. When these pages are added, these are automatically shown over the site map. If you don’t know programming, don’t worry. If you know the basic copy paste work, then it is as simple to alter the text on the website with this application. Apart from this, there are over 50 language packs can be installed through DNN community. 

From the security point of view, the DNN application is highly robust. It provides various authentication and authorization features for the controlled access of the application. It is based upon a security model which role based, where each and every page is designated a particular role which determines what rights are given to the user. The administrators are allowed to set permissions at different levels. For example, some users are given with the read only rights, but some are given special permissions to both read/write rights. In addition to this, without any programming knowledge, the various aspects of the site could be managed with the help of this application like the title of the site, welcome messages, background, logo and many more. Furthermore, the reliability feature of this application is achieved by the error reporting feature. It allows the administrator to monitor the usage and site performance ensuring that various modules are integrated properly.

The file management tool allows site owners in easy uploading of files from their desktop to their website. The file which is uploaded is listed on the site instantly and becomes available for the end users. If you have deleted any file or module unintentionally, then don’t worry, recycle bin is available. All the deleted files or modules can be restored from the recycle bin to that location from which it was deleted. To increase the user friendliness of the application, the drag and drop functionality is provided allowing the modules to be movable between different pages. It also provides the facility of banner advertisements through which revenue could generated and managed. The various advantages and benefits which this application is providing is the main reason for the wide acceptance of this application. Hence, this application is highly recommended for the web development.