The internet has emerged from a long way. Internet as the name suggests is the interconnecting network. A network allows the communication between different computers. During late 60’s, the communication between the computers were limited to only US Military and defence department. However, due to the commercialization of this technology by Microsoft after three decades, the advancement in the internet is unstoppable since then. When talking about internet, one word which comes in our mind initially is web (website). The earlier days of the web were the most cumbersome days for the web programmers or developers. Though, at that time, simple designs were offered but, in order to make a very simple static website, the web programmers had to write very long and complex codes. It is well known quotation that need is the mother of invention. The various adversities and difficulties faced by the programmers in those days allowed the programmers to come up with something new that led to creation of websites in an easy and convenient manner. So, today DotNetNuke Content management system is one of the simplest, flexible and easy to use tool for making not only static, but dynamic and fully functional websites for both commercial as well as personal use.

The earlier content management systems were so costly that it was difficult for the smaller organizations to purchase as these could be afforded by only large organizations. But, today creation and maintenance of functionality rich website is neither a difficult task nor a challenge nor a luxury which could be afforded by big market giants. This has become possible due to DotNetNuke which is an open source technology for the creating web applications. This content management system has offered numerous benefits to the users ranging from technical ease to its cost efficiency. Apart from these, it is already said that it is open source which means that it is a freeware application which can be downloaded by anyone from the internet and there are no licensing restrictions for its implementation. Furthermore, its auto install feature has made its installation very easier and user friendly. 

This content management system is also very convenient for the users with non technical background. It provides the users with an interface which clearly allows them to input and making alterations in the text and graphics. In the earlier web programming languages, altering the text or graphics was a difficult task as the programmer has to start from beginning if any change is required. Changing text or graphics on either module could affect the design of other modules. But, if we talk about DotNetNuke, various changes in texts or graphics could be done in isolation without affecting the other parts of website. This Content Management System has allowed the people to create their own websites who were not having any knowledge of any web programming language. From the updation of databases to creation of versatile designs, DotNetNuke has made this task much easier. Hence, DNN has become the need of today’s web industry.