The current era is an era of technology and one of the biggest invention of this era is the Internet. Internet has changed our life a lot. Look at your life say 20 years ago and now, this internet has revolutionized our life. You want any information about anything, and about any part of the world, search engines are available. This internet has revolutionized the communication system between the producer and the consumer or businesses and the audience. Websites are acting as a bridge between the consumer and producer. The consumers are able to retrieve any kind of information about a particular service, and on the same time many organizations are able to enhance their earnings and profits by providing better facilities to their consumers because websites allow them to share their message with customers by an improved method.

From the customer’s view point, a website should be user friendly, attractive and providing right information (not irrelevant information). The customer should not find any difficulty in locating the product for which the information is required. If your website is too complex for the customers to locate or purchase their product, they will not stay on your web page and obviously they will look for some alternative and your business will suffer. These complex websites are difficult to handle for the web developers also but, thank God! , the web developers are now blessed with a tool (or boon) DotNetNuke abbreviated as DNN which is an open source technology through which web developers are able to build attractive and good functional website with minimum effort.

The good thing about the DotNetNuke is that no prior knowledge of programming is required and it allows the users to create the websites with only the black box view. You want to apply a button on your website, drag and drop it. You want to apply a text box, drag and drop it. So, this has allowed us to develop a website in a simple manner. Coding is automatically generated at the back end. Owners of the site are able to manage their front end as well as back end. With the DotNetNuke you are able to update your records in the database in a very easy manner.  Moreover, the content management system of DNN is very user friendly due to which it is gaining popularity for developing a wide variety of applications over the internet.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, DotNetNuke has become a favorite package for a variety of web applications such as creation of both static and dynamic web pages which are both interactive as well as user friendly. Apart from this, it is possible to create online portals along with various corporate websites that could support various ecommerce systems like payment gateway, transferring money etc. DotNetNuke is advantageous over other technologies such that it is simple to install with easy hosting. Thus, it is a cost effective solution for the websites providing powerful security features. Hence, all we can conclude that DNN is a right tool for web development for the current and next generation.