These days, with the advent of internet, the life of the internet using people has changed a lot. Internet has changed the lifestyle of the people. No more queues for booking at stations, online booking facility is available at your single mouse click. From the developer point of view, web designing has become an industry. For those businesses who completely rely on internet for their sales, websites are a boon for them. Apart from providing information about the products, they can also be a good medium for the advertisements. The various supermarket stores have been benefitted a lot from this technology. For a successful website, it must be strategically designed giving a professional look.

Some might think that web designing is an ordinary activity. However, this is the job which requires a lot of creativeness on the part of the designer. In order to catch people attention, the website should have a unique design making the people stay on your website for a longer period of time. The only design does not matter. The second thing that matters is the interaction of the website with the users. So, the combination of these two things makes a good website. This combination can be well achieved through a tool called as DotNetNuke.

DNN (DotNetNuke) is based upon the Microsoft .NET technology. DNN is basically a content management system for the web applications. Its greatest advantage is that this tool is open source, and freeware means no license is required. This allows free software download, its usage, making modifications as required and extension of the application. This has led to the modular structure of the application allowing the third parties to create new modules which can be easily integrated with the basic package. However, the professional edition of DNN is paid, but it offers various features which are helpful for the business level web management with a good technical support. The free edition also receives technical support but from the various user forums.

Now the question arises that what makes this tool stand out from the rest of the tools which are available in the market. The first and the foremost advantage which people notice is its user friendliness. This tool has made it possible to manage more than one websites at the same time from a single admin account. The flexibility feature of DNN makes it a good solution for website management. The control hub is the heart of this tool which is used to control different modules. The initial basic package of DotNetNuke consists of 25 modules and new modules are continuously being developed to enhance its functionality. Each and every module can be customized according to the user’s needs, liking and requirements. A library of skins is also provided in the additional modules allowing to adjust the complete look of the website. As the source code is open, it allows the web developers and designers to implement the most efficient features and thus providing large scale optimization. This has made this tool at the top of others.