DotNetNuke abbreviated as DNN has appeared as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for the web applications in the recent years. The Content Management System (CMS) has successfully created an image for itself in the DNN market. This system has been used around the world by millions of companies and websites. Now the obvious question which arises is that what makes DNN so popular? Well it has a very simple answer - it is very simple and easy to install and its user friendly interface. Within few minutes, you can install this application on your desktop and can start working on it. It is helpful for all- whether a businessman, a developer or an end user.

If you want to install this software, first of all download this software from the internet and start   following the simple and easy instructions in order to install it. For the invoices, there is an installation tutorial guide, which makes the whole process very easy and simple. Management of the web portals is very easy in this because it provides a good user interface. Apart from providing a good user interface, it comes up with various wizards for different utilities and hence making the whole process easy and providing a memorable experience.

DotNetNuke is a very powerful application allowing the end users to manage more than one websites simultaneously from the same application. This application has been very much versatile for administrators as they can virtually manage numerous websites. In comparison to the competitors of the DNN, this framework comes with latest features and user friendly options making an edge over the other tools. Everything can be managed with this software ranging from designing of the website to the webhosting, providing membership options and security features. Due to its versatility of features, this application is loved by the users making a trouble free and time saving task. So score of DotNetNuke is very high on this.

This application comes with an inbuilt easy and simple to use tool known as Multi-Language Localization feature. With the help of this software, developers are able to translate content into almost any language. As this application is widely used, so one can easily get native support in any part of the world. The Content Management System is supported by all leading platforms including IIS, Visual Studio, ASP.NET 2.0 and Windows Sever. This application can be extended to a large scale as it easily integrates with other applications and allows us to do anything from swap outs to overhauls.

DDN is compatible with various other technologies which allowed it to emerge as most powerful tool for the development of the web applications. To add more and more features, the .Net community is continuously making efforts. This product is the first choice for both kinds of developers i.e. for commercial as well as personal use. However, if you have not used this application, then you are definitely missing out something. DNN has been created keeping in view of everyone’s need and requirements. There is no question regarding that this is the most popular tool for the web development today.