Websites have twisted out to be the talk of the town amongst the Information and Technology people. To make both ends meet every business is now having its own website no matter whether it is dynamic or static. Well the craze of websites is not much older. It has touched new skies of glories in almost past 10 years only. If we go in the past mostly the use of computers was limited to IT professionals for developing softwares and hardware only. No one thought about making something which has the capability of sharing things online. During those days computers were just an instrument of calculation, data entries, research work, managing accounts etc. But now the picture has been changed a lot. The business of creating websites has raised to such a level that no business organization or any other institution can think of working without having websites. Moreover, it has become a popular means of entertainment for young blood. Famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc have gathered so much traffic on the internet that they have appeared as the marketplace leaders in the field of social networking.

Now the question arises that in such an enormous demand for websites, how will the developer look for creating something new and innovative. The idea which once gets launched on the internet is available to everyone. Hence it becomes obsolete in a very short period of time. To create one’s own niche in the field of the website is a big target amongst the developers and web designers.  In coming years it has been estimated that the demand of websites will increase so much that it will become a vital necessity in everyone’s life. To tackle such situations the web designers must keep on inventing fresh web sites designs which should be catchy and attractive enough to gather huge traffic on the internet. This article sheds light upon some tip related to attractive we development:

These days flash web sites are quite popular. Hence the use of flash should be increased. But the developer must keep it in mind that the flash should be easily loadable and less space consuming.

.    A robust content management system like DotNetNuke should be used in order to create attractive templates.

To make the website more user friendly the developers must use the special CSS properties in the HTML pages.

.    The content of the website must be dynamic and keep on changing with time. This helps to insist the visitor to revisit the website again and again.

The AJAX has been quite popular these days. More eye catching work need to be done on AJAX in order to make the website look fabulous.

Apart from the above mentioned ways the developers must emphasis on the SEO and QA parts as well. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which means to make to website more search engine friendly. By using all the above techniques it is quite obvious that the website will not only look attractive but also gather huge network traffic.