Sometimes it happens when people tries to make something but they make something else other than they want, and it also proves a hit formula. Same case happened with Shaun Walker. As enhancement in his earlier project a sample for .NET Framework. And then Shaun’s company released early version of DotNetNuke. DNN had evolved to be one of the most popular CMS brands in the IT world. As web development platform to many business organizations for business scale web application.

DotNetNuke Company at the mean time stepping up the stairs of growth towards success. DNN’s goal has to find a sustainable model that could proffers all the resources needed to manage and give assurance of success of open source ecosystem. The CMS has changed over the past years. Businesses are interested in interaction with their customers and partners on different channels in real time. In order to settle this kind of changes and fulfill the requirements of businesses DNN needed to change its identification in the market.



A New Brand 

DotNetNuke has been serving users for years. As its name shows that it is tied to a specific technology and it is aimed at attracting more technical audience and secondly people must be an apt of .NET market but word “nuke” carries a negative impact in different areas of the world. So, instead of DotNetNuke, DNN term is more preferably used. So it could be considered as a new brand name.



New Website

As new name “DNN” is preferred so a new website with a user friendly name appeared and website was overhauled completely. And now offers a better experience for an open source ecosystem and also for commercial customers.



Services and Characteristics of DNN

With the time DotNetNuke has evolved into different versions. And more surprisingly it is a source of wide range of services also. What it renders? Following are the services.

  Website Development
  Module Development
  Skin Development
  Portal Development

The proficient developers DNN provides facility to create websites skillfully by keeping users’ requirements in consideration. There are also different types of modules that are easy to understand and use. One can have tailored or customized website according to their preferences. Users have also a choice of selection from number of amusing skin modules. This is done with different style sheets to create best, attractive and interactive aesthetic view to number of professional sites. Portal management is also an innovative feature that helps to handle portal account. New Evolutions in IT world does not affect the whole scenario because of its updating feature. The surprising thing is that it maintain security and with the time it is also upgraded.

There are some other exciting features that is enhancing its popularity. There are number of articles and blogs where one can take part to get their queries resolved. So, number of users can also have knowledge of latest technologies and modules. To help the clients there is also an inquiry form available to get quotation for their desired services. 

In short, DNN has evolved to a best to a best CMS. And they proffers excellence in the websites of their worthy clients.