Now-a-days, advancement in technological solutions cannot be overlooked. Every day new things come into the market to overtake the obsolete technology solutions. Many business corporations adopt these new technological solutions to sustain a better position in this fluctuating business market. They also adopt them to gain the attention of the potential clients towards their business to become a profitable organization.


Hotels owners are also taking part in this race of competition. They also want to excel from their competitors to stay ahead in this race. That is why they are implementing technology solutions in their hotels. They automated their system and integrate a web based hotel management system which not only saves their time but also saves cost.


What is hotel management system?


The hotel management system is a web based system that manages and keeps record of all the activities of the hotel like booking, check in, check out, etc. It also handles all the details of the clients who come to the hotel like name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card details, etc. The system can be used at various places requisites like hotels, motels, restaurants, guest houses, apartments, etc. and customized according to the business. 


How online hotel management system works?


This online hotel management system is integrated with hotel website and let your potential clients from all over the world to view your hotel’s services and book them. This system will show all the required details to them which include available rooms, room types, room rates, table services, hall services, food services, discounts and promotions. 


For example, when clients are interested in booking any room, then they have to select the desired room and click on “book this room”. The system will navigate to another page to choose the payment method and then booking is done. Clients can also pay their payments at the time of their arrival at the hotel.


What is the role of DotNetNuke in the development of hotel management system?


DotNetNuke provides efficient and flexible modules for web based hotel management systems. They have designed and developed such modules which fulfill all the requirements of hotel business. They also let you customize according to your needs and business requisites to provide continuous services. These modules help to perform the following functions

•  Online booking.
•  Administrative activities.
•  Payment collection records.
 Information of all guests.
 Generate reports on weekly and monthly profits.
 Displays rate and room information.
 Displays lists of guests. 
 Multi currency rates list.
 Creating customers invoices.
 Data backup.


What are the benefits of hotel management system?

This hotel management system provides benefits for hotel administration as well as hotel clients. These benefits include

 Instant access to hotel website.
 Online inquiry of availability of rooms, tables, halls, etc.
 Online payment through credit card.
 No third party is involved, direct communication and booking through this system.
 Ensures privacy and security.
 Simple and flexible functionality.