Now-a-days, online businesses have proved its importance all over the world as it is the most convenient way to do shopping from your home. Any user can buy products or services without even going to the market. It also diminished the need of searching items which requires more time. Everything is available on the internet from groceries to fast food, from mobile devices to other electronic device, from shoes to clothing, etc. There are also many services that users can access on the internet.

What is online or e-business?

Any business that uses information technology to perform its activities is considered as an online business. It is also known for electronic or e-business. These activities include viewing products and services, booking orders, selling and purchasing of goods and services. Many companies have automated its business on the internet through e-cart system.

What is an e - cart system?

It is e-commerce software runs on the web server which serves as a store to view items and buy or sell them online. E-cart system is also known for shopping cart system. Whenever a user selects any item to buy it is added to the user’s cart and at the end this system calculates the price of all items and debit the payment from the credit card of the user.  



How to start an online or e-business?

Any company who wants to launch online business must have purchased or developed e-cart system. This software can be purchased independently and then integrate into the website. There are also many vendors in the market that sell different online business e-cart system. It is just like an interface that lies between the user and the company’s website.

Does DotNetNuke provide this e-cart feature?

There are many companies that develop this feature while creating the company’s website. DotNetNuke is one of them which provide this feature for their clients. Any client can integrate this e-cart system on the company’s website whether the website is already existed before or it has developed from scratch.

What are the rules for running successful online or e-business?

Ensure customers privacy:

Online businesses often ask for sensitive information from their clients such as name, address, email, credit card or account number, etc. The companies who ask for such significant details of clients much ensure that it is kept safe. And also state in their privacy terms that with whom they want to share these details or not. This saves the companies to avoid many legal problems.

Advertisement over the internet:

Companies have to persuade the attention of potential customers towards their website to increase the selling of their goods and services. But there are also laws in order to do so that includes limitations on spam, truth about the products description, etc. 

Children’s privacy:

All companies should have the privacy not to gather sensitive details from children until and unless they get permission from their guardians.

Popular e-business companies:



Amazon is the most popular website which sells almost everything and covers many countries.







Shop NBC is also another e-cart system that sells accessories, electronics, beauty and health items.







The discover Sony store sells electronic products of the Sony Company which is famous especially for its services.