DotNetNuke is one of the most widely used content management system. It is an open source, easy to use and dynamic platform for business owners who want an online presence but do not have the technical knowhow. Based on the Microsoft .net framework; it is certainly the best tool for managing a website. DotNetNuke creates an eye catching website, helps manage your content, give user a better experience and collaborate with partners.

There are 750,000+ extraordinary websites designed using DNN. Customization is fairly easy and technical knowledge of Html, CSS or JQuery is not required. Here is an overview of some great websites already part of the DotNetNuke community.


Skyetek manufactures high tech radio frequency ID. The website has a flawless and high tech skin that draws the attention of the user.

The Cassettes:

The cassettes is an indie music store. It is a very artistic website and has a unique design. Designing Interactive user interfaces are a major feature of the DotNetNuke package.


Autograph Magazine:

This is a website dedicated to collecting autographs. In-depth interviews with celebrities, behind the scene, collectors showing their personal collections and much more. Autograph magazine offers its users a matchless experience.


Work Out Box:

Work out box focuses on fitness and health. Some of the leading physical training experts are part of the website. It was created with the purpose of sharing the most effective workout routines and becoming the number 1 web source for fitness help.

Features of DNN Package:

Text Editor and File Management:

A rich text editor is part of the DNN software package. DNN lets you manage your documents effortlessly.


To improve the user experience of a website you can try different skins; change the appearance and feel of the website. Some excellent skins are available for free or if you want a custom made skin you can ask a DNN developer to design it for you.


Most online businesses face security threat. Hacking and online data theft are very common that can lead to bad reputation and ultimately loss of business. To deal with this looming threat the DNN software provides excellent security. There is an administration panel where you can manage permissions regarding who can view and edit sources.


DNN offers monitoring of web application on daily basis. It takes snapshots and makes the administrator aware of any problem that may come up.


DotNetNuke package contains all the essential features required for a dynamic web application. Some of its modules are: Login, Links, Banners, Blog, Discussion, Documents, News feeds, XML/XSL, and Image. Free open source extensions are also available to increase the usability and making the website more effectual.

Mobile API:

Remote access on mobile devices to the Dot Net Nuke site event log is another part of the latest DNN version that makes it easier to manage you site. It is an essential way to keep in touch with your DNN website on the move.