Software engineers are programmers who come up with coded programs to run hard ware. They formulate and use programming languages to formulate these codes and commands. By definition, a Software Engineer is a person who writes or formulates a software program. They have studied the basics of computer operations and they add on it till they can formulate software to run the programs. On the other hand, a professional is a person in a vocation based on educational training, namely a profession.

A professional soft ware Engineer’s definition may not be a universally agreed term but by the name Programmers seem to be accepted world over. A professional Software Engineer does more than obtain a degree in computer Science. They acquire Engineering information on how to design, implement and modify existing software and assess their functionality. A professional in this field is a person who, at an individual level can meet these requirements.

Another aspect that determines professional software Engineer is having been registered by a body that is universally recognized in the field. The engineer should have programming knowledge. On top of this, he should have experience in trying and testing software and modifying them. They should be knowledgeable in many fields of study related to the Engineering.

These areas include the design, development, testing and maintenance or software, software configuration management as well as software Engineering management. A person who meets all this knowledge and experience can be fittingly called a Software Engineer. Being the wide field it is, software Engineering takes devoted people who work on all the mentioned areas for application in running the computers and Microchip. As these fields gain more users, more and more software engineers will be needed.

Education and the experience alone do not define a Software Engineer though. There are rules that a distinguished engineer should abide by and they form the Software Engineers Code of Ethics. A code of ethics is not a new term and many professionals can identify with it. It defines the acceptable behavior expected of the Engineers in this field, a breach of which could translate to “misrepresenting the Profession”.

As explained above then, a software Engineer is a widely experienced and devoted to the profession of Engineering and adheres to the code of conduct.