The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a sheet language used to describe formatting of documents written in the Markup languages, a programming language. It is designed to improve the accessibility of information contained in any document. Hacking on the other hand is modifying a program to function in an expanded sense, but this can also mean using the program as the owner may not have intended. Hacking therefore as known by many is a negative feature but it has a positive side to it. This is applied in solving computer problems.

The CSS hack is a program formulated to solve all the problems of the computer relate d to search speeds, faster downloads and easier site management. It would have been made to do exactly that but it had failed to work independently since it lacked a browser to enable its downloading capacity. The good news is that the former now becomes a history as the browsers can handle the problem.

The browser version 5 that allows all the commands to be executed has the ability to detect the trick and sends a CSS to other browsers. If the earlier command had not been executed, the latter command takes over and gets implemented instead. Should two commands be sensed as identical, the second rule takes over.

This system works in case of many browsers being controlled by one software. All these browsers can read both CSS commands but usually execute whatever command comes after, for better. This hacking has numerous benefits in that once a CSS hack is introduced; the second rules are hidden from the browsers. The first rule affects the Internet Explorer while the second is meant for all the browsers.

CSS does not work together with the HTML but serves as a language in itself. The Internet Explorer. Although this is the case, the latest versions of Internet explorer do not use the HTML only but they have an allowance for the use of CSS to access come information.

Some systems that cannot use the common commands use the CSS, such as the mac/IE(Internet explore) to read these commands. The CSS hack makes the website look great in all the browsers and executable commands are given the CSS hack is therefore a force for the good and not for evil. It makes web visibility better and improves on its functionality in terms of speedy downloads and the display.