Economists teach that in any business, an investor should minimize costs and maximize benefits and the profits. Reducing cost of running the business is therefore a wise thing, but should that principle apply in web development? This is not the case of going to the stores to compare prices and carry home the best bargain without compromising quality.

In web development, it is true we want both-proper quality but friendly to the pocket as well. The truth though is that you get what you pay for and more often than not, cheap ends up being more expensive. A cheap website will give a low deal and low opinion of the owner; it may not give the desired publicity or even promotion to the business.

We want to give our web the best design there i , the best quality and the best does not come without cost! If it is to serve us right, we have to do the right capital investment into it, just as we want it to pay back.

A good quality website will have a decent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is in turn designed by experts in the field. This dictates that; as experts are paid highly to do the good job, teams of these designers who create a worthwhile web for your website will require ‘quality’ pay for their high quality products, the webs in this case.

Talking of the cost, its better to invest once in a good quality website for this one reason: The poorly designed web (that comes at a cheap price) will sooner or later need a replacement or a ‘facelift’ so to say. This modification comes at a cost and may still need subsequent modifications a number of times. This is additional cost not to mention the inconveniences caused and the clients that will turn over our page as though it did not exist and thus lose on many opportunities.

Dynamic websites are what capture the current markets. There so many added facets, not just a page. These call for the investor to put the design to test to see whether it meets all his criteria, not just like a fitting shoe, but a fashionable one too. These facets-blogs, news updates, videos and web adaptability come at a cost, too.

Plain design is not enough. The best designs are the most expensive, but worthwhile in that they ’catch‘the eye of the clients and do the talking on our behalf. Clients, researchers and others that visit our site will have a positive impact on our business, just as a good display in the market makes us buy what we never budgeted for, a good website can make ’passers-by’ stop and purchase a product or two.

Having considered what goes into website design, it is right to conclude by saying that the COST is NOT what really matters. The image and quality that you want to give to the clients will determine the design and the cost in effect. Although that is the case, a person can still compare notes and offers from various developers and get the best deal they possibly can for the much money they have.