The true essence of the internet is to enable man kind to execute numerous activities both business related and individual need. The internet has been in existence for ages and the use of these facilities has proven to be helpful to mankind both young and old. In fact, businesses processes are now made easier as all those businesses that inculcate the internet stand a better chance of strive in their chosen business endeavors. 

But despite these enormous benefit that are derivable from the use of the internet, which apart from businesses, other sector which are created by mankind also enjoy, Mankind as a whole also stand the risk of also burning our fingers through the use of the internet as well. 

There posse to be great risk in the use of the internet mostly when security measures are not properly implemented in the use of the internet. In other to make you understand the various needs and benefits of implementing a capable internet security before you deploy any form of internet service either to your home or business environs, we will be giving you a real life scenario in which you can relate with. How does it feels like to lose your money, documents, important data or even have your personal record compromised and been used for fraudulent activities. Certainly this feeling isn’t funny anymore when it occurs to you, a business you know, or even a friend of yours.

In 2007, a research conducted showed that most companies with the fortune 500 categories spend over 80% to retain their image and client base support from various scam, scandals and internet related frauds that has been in existence for ages. Another report that was published in Information Tech today, shows that most of these firms also had their domain emails compromised by skilled unethical Hackers who indulge in hacking for the sake of using all such information that are hacked out, to the detriment of the original and unsuspecting owner. In other to be secured on the internet there are some crucial checkmates you need to instill and strictly adhere to in other to be secure on the World Wide Web. To find out more about these solutions in which will be dishing out in few seconds from now, kindly seat back, take a deep breath, exhale and read further.

In other to be secured when using the internet, you must always have a strong password which must contain alphabets, numbers, Punctuations and symbols. A good example is (ehg123! @), as such a password will definitely be hackers proof.

Also, learn to change your password on a regular base as it help create and unpredictability. If you accessing the internet from a public internet service provider, when login into any of your account, learn to disable the remember password check box and after usage clear the browser history of from the system you used in accessing the internet.

Most importantly, if you are sending out an email that is confidential or carries some sort of vital information’s, it is nice you encrypt this email and the simple form of encryption is for you to type the email, change the font to unreadable format, then save it, while you instruct the receiver on how to access it using readable format font.