Children and Computer is indeed one phenomenon that is on the increase these days. And this could be accredited to the fact that today computer plays a vital role in the day to day activity of mankind as well as could be felt in almost every sphere of mans endeavor.

With this said, Children relationship with computer could turn out to be positive via producing a positive invention that could be helpful to mankind or on the other hand, children relationship with computer could be negative and turn out to be harmful to man kind.

An example of the later is a situation were a child of nine, hacks into banks database and starts tampering with the accounts of clients or a practical situation where a girl is involve in a cyber crime like fraud, spreading of virus and malicious applications and ill fated programs. All this and more are indeed the negative aspect of children negative relationship with computer.

But for the sake of this well researched write up, we will be approaching this topic “children and computer” from the positive relationship which children have with the computer, how this relationship could be cultivated and the benefits of this relation. To find out more, kindly sit back, inhale, exhale and read further.

Children positive relationship with computer:

One eminent factor that could be felt when a child has a positive relationship with a computer is indeed the child quest to invent newer application, programs and approaches through which computer based problems are easily resolved. With this kind of mentality, a child could some day invent a computer based program or application that will further make mankind solve greater and far more difficult task in a good time frame with little stress what so ever.

Developing children Positive Relationship with computer:

In other to develop a positive relationship between a child and the computer, then you will need to do the following.

*Get a Tutor:

It is very important that you help your children develop a good relationship with the computer system by hiring the service of a proficient computer and IT skilled expert who will indeed study your child flairs and channel their strength towards those IT based specialized computer skills in which your child will surely excel more in.

For instance, if your child loves colors, painting and all that, he could be encouraged to learn more on graphics, web designing, product modeling etc and with this skills he will definitely excel more in this area.

*Get Modern Computer Equipment and Gadgets For your children:

It is mandatory for you to further foster this relationship which your children have with Computers by making available all relevant computer based equipment and gadgets that will further make your children develop personal love for IT.

*Register Your children in Computer based Clubs:

This single action could yield far more result than you anticipate because your kids will surely sharpen their computer based skills in their quest to network.

Finally, with due diligence and encouragement from you the parent, your child could turn out to be the next IT guru the world is yet to celebrate.