These days everything is revolving around the internet and thus websites. Having a website has become essential for all the businesses these days and this web presence should in turn be secure and bug free and how is that possible? The ultimate answer for this query lies in the most widely known open source software-DotNetNuke!!

DotNetNuke is the most successfully running famous software for website development these days and provides a number of services in order to develop successful website. The most important of these services includes that a website would be secure and bug free which is the main concern of the clients now a days.

How DotNetNuke helps with Bugs and security of a website?

There are a number of reasons of why websites crash in certain browsers. These causes lie into many categories like there might be a bug in the browser, a bug in the standards specification, whether a certain feature has not been implemented yet or if there is a bug in the site. Although all of these reasons affect a website but DotNetNuke deals with the later issue mainly i.e. bugs in a website. It makes sure that its services are as such that will help the client in getting rid of this problem. It sorts out the issues related to common website bugs in a number of ways.

In addition to a bug free website clients rely on DotNetNuke for having a secure way to keep their website pages.DotNetNuke provides the services of having a secure website by encrypting the data sent to and from the website to the end user. When the end user views a page of a certain website that is protected by DotNetNuke, the web browser communicates over a secure channel with web server, this is how all data transmitted is sent over an encrypted channel.  This helps to prevent “man-in-the-middle” attacks on the data and thus giving security to a website.

DotNetNuke Dealing with Bugs

There is always a chance that a web application development process has bugs as it is made up of a number of lines of code. The success lies in tracking and fixing them.DotNetNuke is such software that will provide you with a bug free website by giving the facility of bug tracking and bug reviewing to the clients. End users can submit bug feature requests that will help them end up with a successful product. In order to cater with the bug problems DotNetNuke enables the clients to 

  Report his/her bugs because DotNetNuke is always ready on working for the tracking and enhancement of defects.
  Ask for help if there is confusion in an error message and a bug. 
  Report the code as well and demonstrate the problem. DotNetNuke team is there to help its clients!!
  Provide and insert screenshots where possible because the exact wording of an error message might be important while trying to reproduce the bug in a controlled environment. Screenshot can help immensely in this effort.
  Include code to fix the issue if one has it available. This might help resolve issues as a community.